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Unreal Tournament 2004

UT2004 RPG Zip


[quote] This mutator adds a persistent levelup system to UT2004. Frags will give you EXP towards a levelup. After a levelup, you get a (configurable) number of points to use on statistics such as
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weapon speed, health, adrenaline, and damage modifiers, as well as special abilities. Bonus EXP is given for killing players of higher level than you, multikills, sprees, winning a match, and (in properly setup gametypes) scoring game objectives. Everything is saved to .ini and reloaded in future games when that player joins. [/quote] A very awesome mod. [quote] -Fixed Cautiousness self-healing exploits -Fixed Max Ammo stat when magic weapons are turned off -Fixed Speed Switcher ability when magic weapons are turned off -Fixed bots getting listed as the highest level player when Fake Bot Levels is on -Capped bot levels generated in Fake Bot Levels mode to a maximum of 25 levels above the lowest level player -Fixed Ultima not giving EXP for kills if its owner didn\'t respawn by the time it went off -Fixed Teleporter and Summoning Charm sometimes using adrenaline without triggering the effect -By default, the EXP required for each level now increases by 5 per level forever instead of being capped at 150 -Translocator can no longer be magical because it was confusing the bots -Increased the size of the EXP bar so the numbers are more readable -Level/EXP display now adjusts its position/size if necessary to show really high levels -Added Level/EXP text to stats menu -Ghost ability causes its owner to drop the flag -Fixed superweapons being replenished after each Invasion wave if magic weapons were enabled -Added SuperAmmoClassNames array to UT2004RPG.ini that lists any additional ammo types that should be considered as belonging to a superweapon -Fixed UDamage Reward mutator causing infinite duration UDamage pickups to be dropped if the victim was using a Triple Damage artifact -EXP is now awarded for destroying Assault turrets -EXP for attacking monsters is now awarded by damage and not by kills, so that multiple players attacking a monster will share the EXP (killer always gets at least 1 EXP) -Damage/kill experience is now shared between linked players -Changing teams now kills all of that player\'s summoned monsters -Changed the summoned monster tinted skin to an emitter effect -Fixed some issues with artifacts and vehicles -Added Healing magic weapon, courtesy of Druid -Restored \"Bot Bonus Levels\" option since some people prefer it to \"Fake Bot Levels\" -Fixed Awareness not drawing health bars for monsters on the local player\'s team in listen/standalone games -Ghost no longer activates when killed by falling off of AS-Convoy -Fixed magic weapon effects being applied to damage that wasn\'t caused by a weapon -Fixed summoned monsters not benefiting from summoner\'s Health Bonus -Fixed \"Reset Player Data Next Game\" option not resetting data for players that actually played in the next game [/quote]

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