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Q3E Minimizer v1.40


A cascading waterfall of reviews! [quote]Description: Tim brings us his next edition of the Q3 Minimizer 1.30. Here is the original review by
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AmosMagee Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With all that this minimizer has to offer already, how could TiM improve upon it?? Well, he's added support for more games, including Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix for single player and multiplayer and Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. TiM improved a few more features, and the program probably didn't need it, cause it's great as-is. However, there is one little thing he added that I'm not so sure is a good thing. Y'know when you're trying to close a program and it asks you "Are you really sure you wanna close/quit now?" and you have to answer Yes or No? Okay, rawr! So now, when you choose to close the Q3E Minimizer in the middle of a game, it'll prompt you to make sure that's what you wanna do. I suppose I can see the point of having this feature, but still ... grrr. That's the only complaint I have, though. I'm SO keeping this program. (This program has been scanned for viruses and it's clean. ) ~AmosMagee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now if you read Amy's review you will notice that she said she hated the fact that you had to confirm you quit and I hate that too and that’s why Tim took that feature off of the Minimizer. You can now play Quake III Arena, Call Of Duty (SP + MP), Heavy Metal F.A.K.K, STV: Elite FORCE (SP + MP), ST: Elite Force II, JK2 (SP + MP), JKA (SP + MP), Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (SP + MP), and finally RTCW: Enemy Territory. Now there is even a Dynamic Screen Resolution Modifier! Good job Tim and I think I am going to keep this, but of course I will forget I have it doh! -XgamerX IKEA! [/quote] TiM keeps revamping this little program of his. But it's at the point where it's not so little anymore. Thank you for taking out that one annoying "feature" that I hated with a passion. ;) Those of you who can handle playing Doom 3 (yeah, I can't ... at least, not alone) should get this Minimizer, cause it works for Doom 3! Yay! And there's support for many other games (Q3 engine, of course) as well. This is, by far, one of the best minimizers I've seen. And the prettiest too! ;) ~AmosMagee

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