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CAB Center Map Pack


Map packs are always fun to review. I love reviewing maps and the more there are, the better. :D However, it took a while before I came across any maps in this pack that interested me. Okay, so
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the first two screenshots are of the CCT Arena. Not at all impressive. It\'s a big arena with an open ceiling and some seating. *shrug* The textures are repetitive and there\'s just nothing interesting here at all. The next three screenshots are of the CC1 Trial map. This map looks as though it were thrown together quickly and some of the textures just don\'t work well together. Once again, a bit repetitive, and no points of interest. The following three screenshots are of the CC2 Part 1 map, also named CAB Center 2: Desert Ironmine. It seems the mapper was progressing with his mapping skills at this point. This actually looks like it could be a fun guns FFA map. It\'s a large tower with heavy weaponry on almost every level. Nothing much more than that, but it could be great gameplay. I can\'t be sure since there\'s no bot support. After that came the CC2 Part 1 map (a.k.a. Cab Center 2: Underground). Fourteen screenshots show you just how large this map is. I really like the outside of this map, but once I got inside I found the textures used to be bland and the map is just too confusing. I found myself going in circles too often. Then there\'s CC2 Part 3 (or, Cab Center 2: Red Jungle). I don\'t like this map one bit. It\'s just a big block in the middle of nowhere, with grass and foliage and really, really bright lighting. Oh, and then there\'s lava. Cause that makes sense. Anyway, overall this isn\'t a great map pack. If I had it my way, I\'d remove all but maybe one or two of the maps. But I\'d also like to see some more custom textures and maybe bot support, too. You\'ve got some skills, so keep at it. :) Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel ~AmosMagee

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