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OOJ Skinpack


Clan skin packs are always a bit more interesting than just a clan skin. You actually get to see a little bit of personality from a few of the members, y\'know? Especially if the skins have custom
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taunts and stuff. As far as I know, every single skin in this pack was made by one dude. Quite a big job there. :) Some are decent, some suck. :P The default OOJ skin has so much going on there. I like the concept and the colours, but it is a bit busy for my taste. The team skins for the default skin are great. Very different and original. I think the OOJ Obi-Wan is my favourite of all of the skins here, especially the team skins and specifically the blue one. :D Nemo\'s skin is a Reborn. So I\'ll just move on to the next one. ;) (No, seriously, Nemo\'s skin isn\'t bad. Just a few things added here and there and the face looks great.) I like the concept behind the CTF skins, but I don\'t like the model used. I\'ve never really liked that model. (Feel free to flog me for that opinion, I know most people like that model. :P) Investigator is just weird and I\'m not going to say much more about this one because I don\'t want to look at the screenshot anymore - it\'s freakin\' me out. Koh isn\'t bad. But it isn\'t great. It doesn\'t appear as though much time went into this skin. Okay, the Padawan skin ... LOL ... what IS that?? I do feel sorry for anyone who has to wear that skin, but I\'m sure it motivates people to get promoted to a higher rank as quickly as they can. The sentinel skin is exactly like the Obi-Wan one. *shrug* I like it, but it\'s not original. :P I love Nautolans (sp?) and I like the Warrior skin, but it\'s not all that impressive. Yavalin\'s skin is ... meh. I could take it or leave it. And finally, in my opinion, the worst skin of the pack. Way too much going on with this skin, bad colour choices, sloppy textures and just ... blah. The custom sounds included are great, though some are a bit offensive, so consider yourself warned. Not every skin has team support or bot support. Also, the readme lies! There were only like, 2 icons for the skins. I always test with a clean base folder and there were very few icons for the OOJ skins. So that kinda sucks. But I can\'t see it being a huge issue since most people who download this pack would be those who are in the clan, or those who play with them and need to see their skins. Bot Support: Yes Team Colours: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee

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