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FEATURES • Ungibbable • Yes. When you punch a corpse, it doesn\'t suddenly dissolve. How about that!? The Railgun and BFG still dissolve corpses, as do direct hits with grenades and Cola Shells.
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You will notice however that the splash damage from explosions will not gib, making for some fun ragdoll effects. Demons can\'t be gibbed, but they will burn away after about 30 seconds, which is actually scarier because they start to dissolve noisily when you least expect it. Every dead enemy becomes a ragdoll, which is lots of fun with the upgraded punch. • X-Tra Gore • Splatt! Plenty more blood for you, and it sticks around. Combined with the ungibbable tweak, you will have a blast (no pun) emptying shotgun shells into lifeless zombies just because they pissed you off. The blood decals will also last quite some time, so that beautiful bloodbath you just had earlier will stick around. • Meaty Sound• Most of the weapons have had some changes made to their sound effects. Fans of ID may find some of them are a little familiar... • Weapon Select Tweak • The Flashlight and Hand Grenades no longer appear in the weapon cycle list, but both can be toggled to and from by using F (flashlight) and G (grenades). This makes grenades especially much more handy and tidies up your arsenal. * Less Ammo * It\'s kinda rediculous how much gear you can slug around while playing, and the fear of running out is usually pretty far away (maybe I\'m crazy or just not playing on a hardcore difficulty level) but max ammo capacity for all weapons has been dramatically reduced. This adds a whole new fear and challenge level to the game, that of running out of ammo and having to improvise with what you have. • Weapon Skins * Almost all the weapons have been given new skins. You can either play the game and find out for yourself, or read this description list: Flashlight - Flat black finish by Maglite™ Player - Neck tattoo and eye shading Fists and Hands - Black leather gloves Pistol - Compensators and ribbed slide Shotgun - UAC Logo Machinegun - Urban camouflage Chaingun - Urban camouflage Grenades - Explosive label Plasmagun - Prototype look Rocket Launcher - Broken lens, dark texture and INTERT stencil. Shells are cola cans. Chainsaw - Blood splatter and Stihl™ logo. • Easter Eggs * See if you can find them!

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