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Q3E Minimizer


Q3E, or Quake 3 Engine Minimizer is a program that has been created to give you the ability to quickly and easily minimize nearly every game that has been coded using the Q3 engine as a base. The
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reason I made this was because I was tired of having to spectate, or suffer being killed over and over again as I used Alt-Enter to switch to my desktop which took practically forever so I could answer MSN or ICQ. The concept of the "un-Alt-Tab-able" game minimizer isn't mine. This one is more of an extension to an idea that someone else had, that I thought could be expanded furthur. I was cruising one day, looking at the utilities section (I had just sent in KT 101 and was looking to see if anyone had d/led it yet) when I saw a file called "JK2 Minimizer" created by a very cool d00d who goes by the name of Deathwish. Being interested, I downloaded the file and found out how simple it was, yet at the same time, so very very useful. Responding to people on MSN/ICQ, etc was no longer a grueling task. Later on, I was playing STV: Elite Force online and found that I greatly missed the ability to minimize it like I could with JK2. So, I took it upon myself to create my own Minimizer. Using snippets of VB code around the internet, I managed to create a similar program I named "EF Minimizer", that I submitted to Many people found it immensely useful, and I was extremely happy with the feedback. ^_^ A few months later, I attended a LAN party (My first ever LAN party actually :D ) where I got involved in a heated battle of Q3A with some other people there. After a few minutes, I, by reflex, tried to minimize Q3. When nothing happened, I said to myself at that point, "I'm going to make a version of EF Minimizer that can minimize all Q3 based games". After the LAN party, I clean forgot about doing that, so the half finished "Uni Minimizer" (I hadn't thought of a good name then) sat on my hard drive for a month. After a month, I downloaded the new Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy demo (May I point out, an AWESOME demo). Whilst I was playing it, someone on MSN messaged me, and I realised that I was stuck in-game, having to alt-enter out. At that point, I remembered Uni Minimizer, and decided to complete work on it. So, after a few nights of working, I brought you version 1.0 of the new Quake 3 Engine Minimizer, or Q3E Minimizer, but now, I bring you version 1.40 of Q3E Minimizer!

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