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Amaia V2


My review of the first version of this skin: [quote]One of my favorite models has to be the Leela Jedi model. There are so many options, so many things to play with. You can create almost any
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female skin of your dreams with this model. And so the skins that we have seen from this model have been quite varied. These Amaia skins make good use of the miniskirt and the pants and there are about six skins total, if you include the team skins. The first one there shows a very simple skin. A black skirt, a white top - showing as much cleavage as possible, but still remaining tasteful. Short black hair and a choker. And then there\'s a purple diamond on her forehead and purple lips. Sorry, but that\'s where you lost me. The second screenshot is just of the team skins. The default skin would be the third one there. And I actually kinda like this one. Sure, it\'s just black. But the hair looks great, the eyes are darker, more mysterious. And then there\'s the funky 80\'s chick with the all white outfit and a red headband thingy on her forehead. Yikes. Finally, there\'s another miniskirt version, but it\'s all black. So yeah, I don\'t get the purple diamond thing. Or the flashback of that white suit and red headband thingy. But overall, I\'d say this is a decent attempt. There is bot support and NPC support. But no new sounds. Disappointing. I feel that new sounds or at least taunts really tell the people who are downloading and playing with the skin/bot/NPC what that character is supposed to be like. Sounds really show personality. [/quote] It\'s rare that an author actually makes some really great changes to a skin like this. The first version of this skin got a decent rating as it was, but this second version should get an even higher rating. Amaia lost that weird purple diamond from her forehead, some of the skins have been improved, and some very different team skins have been added. Not only have there been improvements to the look of the skin, the author also added NPC files and some custom sounds. I\'m not sure where the sounds are from, but finally Amaia has her own voice. Great job here! :) Bot Support: Yes Team Colours: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee

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