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Doom Realism


This is the 5th release of the Doom Realism Mod by me, Cody64.... Because of technical difficulties, I was never able to release V.4..... This Version of the Mod adds several new features, and
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updates on some of the old ones. The newest features are as follows... Blood now stays MUCH longer (Which it what gives this version the title of \"EXTRA GORY VERSION!!!) Shotgun Shells and Bullet Casings now stay MUCH longer (a very cool and realistic effect =)...) An all new weapon, the Sub Machinegun!!! (Unfortunately, I lack the skills needed to make 3D models and skins, so this gun looks EXACTLY like the Machinegun =(.... Hopefully by version .5, I\'ll find someone to make me a new skin for the Gun and It\'s clips (doesn\'t use Machinegun ammo)....And Hopefully, I\'ll eventually have a new model and new animations for it...) Title song changed to my favorite, classic Doom Song!!! (I\'ll change it again, if you guys don\'t like it....) All weapons can be toggled now, and the grenades, flashlight, and fists have been removed from cycle!!! New Pistol SKIN!!!! (Given to me by Fragger, all credit goes to him) Another ALL NEW WEAPON: The Devastator!!!! (once again, I\'m sorry, but I do not have new skins or models...Wil get in the future.....) Yet ANOTHER NEW WEAPON!!!! The Flare Grenade! This weapon combines a flare and a grenade into one. You throw the flare (which will light up a small area) then, after ~ 30 seconds, the flare will blow up with a powerfull shockwave that will throw your enemies across the ROOM! This does 0 damage, however.... Details on all three new weapons can be found bellow!!!!! I have updated the first 6 maps to include my new weapons. I have also added A LOT of MONSTERs!!! Adding the new monsters has significantly changed the gameplay of DOOM3...This is no longer a slow paced shooter, but a high octane experience in which you will be fighting to stay alive every SECOND!!! Make sure you have Quick save Binded to an easilly accessed key, since you should save OFTEN!!!! I have added new decals which will be in a seperate pk4 in the Doom3 Realism mod V.5 folder.... If you do not like thesed decals (I am NOT an artist) then feel free to remove the \"decals pk4\" from the folder. All the rest of the improvements can be found bellow! Also, to everyone who has been worried that this Mod is not balanced, DON\"T BE! You might have more powerfull weapons now, but the enemies (ALL OF THEM!!!!) are more powerful now...And some (Such as the mancubus and Hellknight) even have more HP! Overall, this mod makes the Doom3 gameplay MUCH faster, and more intense... You must use all your skill to avoid taking damage, while making precise aimming... The only game I can compare this mod to is Call of duty on the vetran difficulty, whith the exception that I HAVE NOT removed the med packs in this mod.... Some of you might actually find this mod to be TOO Challenging....For you, I suggest bumping down the difficulty by about 1 level...I play on the marine difficulty, which now is A LOT HARDER.... Also, make sure that you all have Quick Save binded to an easilly accessible key, as you should use it a lot MORE OFTEN than befor... Enjoy!

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