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Unreal Tournament 2004

Exion Umod


[quote] 1. New map: ONS-Exion-Warfare: destroyable map, with Exion type of weapons and vehicles. To own the thermal spas wich contain valuable materials destroy the enemy`s Power Core. 2. New map:
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ONS-Exion-WarfareClassic: destroyable map. Similar to the Warfare, but in this map you can use the classical UT2004 type of weapons and vehicles. 3. ONS-Exion-Labyrinth destroyable map. By destroying certain walls you can change or shorten the routes. 4. ONS-Exion-Gangways destroyable map. By destroying and pulling down the passages and hanging bridges, you can change the routes. 5. ONS-Exion-FrontLine destroyable map. The buildings can be used as trenches, by destroying certain walls and getting inside the buildings you can even hide from the enemy. However, if you destroy the walls of the buildings, you will have fewer trenches either for the enemy, but for your team, as well. 6. New volume regulator system. 7. The Link Gun and the Shock Rifle can be used together with the Exion type of weapons. 8. The Human Space Fighter, Skaarj Space Fighter and the Bomber planes can be also used in the game. 9. The bullet hit effects wich were made by Mr. Evil and ADS have also been integrated into the game. [/quote] Previous Review: [quote] When I first saw this, I expected a mutator or a total conversion. I was puzzled when it was basically a bunch of new maps. So I loaded up UT2004, not expecting it to work. I chose the ONS game type and opened one of the Exion maps. The maps are remakes of original UT2004 maps, but with some massive changes. The ones that have the ONS-Exion prefix have destructable buildings. While this is nothing like what one would see in Red Faction, it is still fun to hop in a tank and blast the hell out of a wall instead of going around. The destructableness is pre-programmed, so it isn\'t as pretty as I expected. I thought, from what the readme said, that it was fully destructable buildings. Most of us, in ONS games, use the link gun to help speed up the building of nodes in those times of dire need. Well, there is no link gun in this. That upset me greatly. The weapons system is somewhat different, you start with the shield gun and the regular assault rifle, but when you hit up a weapon locker, you get all the guns available. When you switch to your assault rifle again, you drop the original assault and get the Exion Assault Rifle (or whatever it is called). Which is basically the same thing with what seems to be a huge boost in power on the damage side. You also get a Exion Assault Rifle Pro (don\'t quote me on the weapon names). This gun is the assault rifle, but with no grenades, a scope, extra power, and huge amounts of recoil. The order of the weapons is changed for no apparent reason and any weapon that is energy based is gone. So no Shock Rifle, no Link Gun, no Ion Painter, etc. I don\'t know if it was just me, but it seemed that the assault rifles were MUCH better to use than the other weapons. Ah, now on to the bugs. I am no beta tester that can find a tiny 2 pixel tear in the map, but these were bugs that litterally bugged the crap out of me. (I gotta clean my pants after this review.) The assault rifles shouldn\'t be as powerful as they are. With the pro rifle (or whatever the new one is called), I can tear through a power node with a full clip and still have some ammo to kill about 10 guys. Since it takes only 2-3 shots to kill someone with it. When you have the scope enabled on that pro assault rifle, there is no recoil, when you don\'t have it scoped, don\'t expect to hit much. The way the buildings break is terrible, I can shoot it with a rocket or an AVRIL and it doesn\'t break apart. Shoot it with the assault rifle for a few secs and it breaks nicely. The only thing that broke them easily is the tank. Another thing, I don\'t know where the maker of this mod lives, but I have never seen a tree the size of a tank bend like the trees in these maps do. All in all, I wish I could have the maps with all their break-up action and not have the crappy re-work of the weapons. I enjoy blowing up buildings and hiding behind crates and boxes that I can push around (I am just so strong). But the weapons modifications are gonna scare me away from these maps. Seriously, no link gun on Onslaught? What the hell can you be drinking that will make you do that? So download this mod if you can deal with what I consider terrible weapon modifications. [/quote] I still don\'t like it much, but at least one map has regular weapons.

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