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Unreal Tournament 2004



[quote] Changes: Misc: -Improved Hammer code, no locking up -Increased self volley power from 1000 to 1300 (low self volley power only active with 7+ people on server) -Low self volley power
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never active if Volley Only is true -Added dynamic replay speed (starting fast, getting slower), from 18 seconds down to 12 -Fixed Crowd sound volume problems -Enhanced anti-spam script, you can now longer spam a 5 line piece of spam -Customizations sorta stay on model after dying -Fixed \"spawning somewhere on the map\" problem -Fixed Listen Server being invisible on Cube and Bowl -Removed log spam -Drastic performance increase for most Radeon users -Removed 2 useless big textures from deathball.u, 1.4mb smaller -Fixed negative missed chance amount -\"name joined as a spectator\" message is now shown immediately when a spectator joins -Owngoal ban definition fixed (-3 goals ban you on dedicated server) -No more getting banned when scoring own goals in practice mode -Fixed linux support (delete deathballsystemdefault.ini; dename defaultlinux.ini to default.ini; delete deathball.ini; start game) -Removed \"lines\" on the hud bottom part -Added an inner circle to vicinity radar which indicates the enemy-kick radius (crosshair is friend-kick radius) Bots: -Added community-bots (names similar to community members, and they talk similar stuff in game, 150+ bots so far, only 50 talk so far) - Bots more of less know left/right wing and centre position when attacking - Fixed bad bug in ball prediction. Apparently it was totally messed up for v2.1... - Bots shoot at center of goal less, more to sides. - Prevented bots to pass bot next to them and reduced constant pass-spamming - Reduced volley spamming - Prevented bots to immediately volley spam team mate\'s pass - Enabled boosting, it was toned down for v2.1 - Disallowed passes to keeper from attack spoiling game flow - Some additional rules to attacking - more risky passes between forwards - Fixed bad jump timing - Made bots to start charging more aggressively - Adjusted jump timing variables - Keeper now uses dodge sometimes to get back to goal quickly from aggressive state - Keeper does not go aggressive if there’s friend between enemy and keeper - Disallowed keeper and sweeper requesting boost when their team had ball control Maps: -Added DB-SmallTouchdown; just like Touchdown, but for 3on3 [/quote] This mod is a great mod that allows you to play something similar to soccor, except more violent. Each teams goal is to get the ball into the goal of the other team. Sounds easy, but it isn\'t. You have to avoid the other team, who is gonna try to kill you with their hammer weaponi things. Very fun mod. [quote] DeathBall turns UT2004 into a mix of Football/Soccer, Rugby, Handball and War. It\'s a pure sports game, and at that a First Person Sports Game. It\'s based on UT2004, but it has nothing to do with a shooter. So you got these football pitches, and you have to get the ball into the enemy goal. You have a melee weapon and a balllauncher. With your weapon you can kick other players around, kill the enemy ballowner with 2 hits and also kick the ball away (volley). In your own penalty zone you can kill all enemy players with one hit. With the ball launcher you can charge up a shot, the longer you hold it the harder it will be and you can even add spin to the ball, so it will curl in the air. Just like in football you should have a keeper in your goal. He has some special abilities like he\'s 30% faster than others,he can dodge and jump higher. Death Ball should be played with 5 players on each team, but a few maps also support lower player counts. The gameplay is very easy too learn, but it\'s hard to master. At first it seems to be pretty simple, but the more you play the more you realise how complex it is and how many possibilities your team has. The ways to score are infinite. [/quote]

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