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Assassin X Map Pack 2


Alcatraz Its a Sp converted to MP! Its Alcatraz/The Rock! Workable camera, funny moniter pic, secrets and a lot more. Defiently worth the download! Check out readme below for more info!
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Weapons World The first map i made for the game but never released due to errors. Your on a big pile of weapons! Its small and is only meant for about 6 people at the max! Youll defiently fall a lot in this one! Water Warfare OK this is probably the best map i ever made for any game. Its a ship dock next to a city. Two maps on day and one night with some diffrences.(Water color, lights...etc.) Hidden underwater guns and a lot more!!! KOTH Tower This is not a KOTH mod or anything the map just reminds me KOTH. Your on a sky scraper with a chinese feel to it. There are about 400+ Statues and only Military SNiper Rifles. I play tested it with other weapons but it was horrid. This is strictly a sniper map! The pics really wont do any justice. You gotta play it to see why its so fun! Think Cat & Mouse but with Sniper Rifles! Ship Battles A futuristic dock with ships. The ships have Engines and fly(5TH elementish). The first Devastation AIR-Based map! Really a must play map. Hard to describe! Hell Its hell. Mostly a sniper map with a few assault weapons. Really dementedly freaky and scary! Nothing bad for the younger people! Features my first attempt at weird maps! Potty push over ok this map is great, it will make you laugh . Great job Assassin X This is a new map from scratch. Your about the size of a mouse. Its a tipped over portopotty with turds and stuff. Features are: -Turds! Most are solid but there are piles that are throwable weapons if you have Physics on. -All weapons. As usuall the better ones are harder to get. -Giant man outside potty. -Some cool spots. Scrap yard It Assassin X and i have another map! Its a MP Dm map called DDM-ScrapYard \"This is a new map made from scratch! However it loads up with the EmbracoDepot pic. Anyways its a junk/scrapyard. Every weapon is avaliable and some are not easy to get too! Really good strategic setups! Boats, missles, office furniture, toilets you name it its in there! And its only 700+K!\" Lab Wars Ok this is a SP conversion of the first lab map into DM. Originally I was going to make it CTF or Terr but the option was not available! I cut out a lot for slowdown reasons. So its still really huge! I have spray constantly going because I found out with it off the halls connecting the rooms just became sniping spots. It wasn’t fair at all.

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