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The Jawa Masters


First, my review of the first version of this skin pack: [quote]This is a large skin pack that includes nothing but jawas. I'm not exactly a fan of jawa skins, but some of these are just great. I
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won't list all of the names of the skins, I'll just go in order of the screenshots. 1 - A very patriotic skin where a jawa sports a robe in an American flag pattern. 2. A very pink jawa. 3. Spiffy. Well, that's what it says on the hood of this jawa's robe. The blue and black on here give it kind of a camouflage look. 4. Not quite sure what the author was going for with this skin, but it's like, blue and white with red gloves. Perhaps another patriotic skin? 5. Spunky, spiffy? Meh. It's just like the other skin, but with some writing on it. 6. PENGUIN! Totally my favorite skin of the pack. Created for a Linux fan, maybe? 7. Green, black, purple, red ... gah. Too many colours for my taste. 8. hehehehe It's a monkey! I think. Isn't it? 9. Semper Fi! Yup, it's a tribute to the Marines. 10. OMG! They killed Kenny! You bastards! Yup. It's Kenny from South Park. Amazing how well this works on the jawa model. 11, 12 & 13. Again with the colours? Bah. Moving on. 14. Much like the pink one - except this one's purple! 15. For the cheeseheads out there - a Packers uniform. 16. A funky blend of colours and textures make this the Army jawa. 17 & 18. For those fans of the Chiefs and the Vikings. 19. Another Army skin, but with the more traditional camo look. Some of these skins had team support, but not many. Several of the jawas feature new sounds or different jawa sounds for taunts. Just try them out. I love Kenny's sounds ... hehe. [/quote] Okay, nothing much has changed here, as far as I can tell except that the author said there were some bugs in the last skin pack. And this one isn't buggy. So ... download this new one. If you want to see screenshots of all the jawas, take a look here:;29614 Bot Support: Yes? Team Colours: Yes New Sounds: Yes ~AmosMagee

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