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Modularity idea came to me when people complained that my new decals were 'unrealistic' and BattleReady's score dropped down on d3files beacause of it. I, personally, love using my custom decals
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but I understand if other people dont. So that is why I have three sets of decals to choose from in BattleReady v1.4. I may expand this and put in even more sets if people request to see certain things. From this experience with the decals, I realized that not everyone likes the E1M3 remix music that I used as a default menu music, so I made that pk4 and option as well. Also, the custom weapon sounds from DoomeR were a no brainer to make a seperate pk4. Not everyone is going to like the DoomeR sounds and they arent even mine. This makes it a lot easier to take them out of the mod if Tropezator tells me he would like me to stop using the sounds. They sound GreaT which is why I included them =). In my opinion, this mod comes closer to recreating Doom3 the way it should have been made in the first place. A lot of the scare factor in a game comes from knowing how vulnerable or unsafe you are. An imp that does 10 damage in an attack really wont be scarey for very long whereas an imp that does 35 in one fireball will command your respect after one direct hit. Don't believe me? In the original doom, did you really get scared when you walked into a room with about 30 zombies/former humans in it when you were armed with a chaingun? Now recall how you felt being stuck in a room with 30 hell knights and ONLY a chaingun. There is a HUGE difference. Fear from enemies jumping out at you is very important but gets very old after awhile. The mere sight of an enemy, whether it sees you or not, should get your heart going. I feel that in my mod, I have people scared again. Even if it is just a little bit and even if you have already beaten the game. For all those 'realism' buffs out there, I feel that I have made the mod pretty realistic as far as how it looks and plays. You might find the blood decals a bit over the top in some areas, but the mod plays realistically. You cant take more than a few shots from a zsec with a machine gun and a hell knight can bite your head off in one bite from full health. In real life, im pretty sure fireballs and caco plasma do a lot more than give you scratches....

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