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Unreal Tournament 2004

elimination 2004 (ZIP)


Elimination 2k4 is a package of 3 gametypes: 1) Elimination This gametype is a modified Last Man Standing with the following differences: - There is an added option in Elimination that
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allows you to make it so that the players do not start with all weapons and instead start with a default loadout and pick up other weapons from the map. - Updated HUD that shows your remaining lives as the most prominent statistic and also shows your rank and spread according to lives left. The HUD also shows the current top 3 players in the game so you can easily tell whom you should be picking on . - Updated scoreboard that keeps players sorted in the order that they were eliminated rather than ranking eliminated players by kills. - There are informational text messages displayed that tell you when a player is eliminated, and there is a warning message displayed when you are down to your last life. - Improved observer mode HUD that gives you a lot more information than the LMS HUD. 2) Team Elimination This is a team version of Elimination where each player gets X number of lives, as specified in the rules. The team that runs out of lives first loses. The team scores on the HUD show total lives remaining per team. The scoreboard is sorted in order of lives remaining. 3) Elimination Tournament Edition This a round based version of Elimination. In each round, players have a certain number of lives (as specified in the rules). When there is only one player left, the round ends. At the end of each round, scores are evaluated and compared to the score limit. If there is a winner then the game is over. Otherwise, a new round begins. The game will also end if there has been a time limit specified and it expires. Players score points in the following ways: 10 points for a 1st place finish in a round 6 points for a 2nd place finish in a round 3 points for a 3rd place finish in a round 1 point for a kill -1 point for a suicide

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