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Unreal Tournament 2004

Fragops Patch Zip


[quote] The war against global terrorism has ended. Late in 2005, NATO passed a resolution allowing military operations to take place in the private sector, due to a failing economy and severe
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lack of soldiers to secure the now-devastated eastern hemisphere. Hundreds of private Mercenary corporations immediately sprouted, offering to pay their employees steep sums to fulfill their contractors\' needs. Tens of thousands of jobless fighters answered the call for work. And then it all went to hell. The corporations became immensely powerful -- and rich, thus becoming more unscrupulous towards the contracts they accepted. The jobs often bordered on terrorism. NATO was powerless to stop them, with many major operatives now holding key positions in the council. In a last ditch effort, they called upon all 1st-world countries to train elite Special Ops units to help combat this powerful threat -- their leaders offering to pay the same price for men as the Mercenary corporations. The year is now 2007. The world is at war. There is no good, no evil -- nobody seems to be able to tell what either is anymore. The only thing that matters is the next paycheck... and where it comes from determines your alliance. Choose wisely. [/quote] Changes: [quote] v1.39c (Gold) Added: Changed: - Doubled volume of M4 reload sound - Breaking glass shards spin more randomly now - Improved muzzle flash performance, reduced \"wallflash\" effect - Slightly reduced player collision radius -- people won\'t get stuck on doors as much - Price of Super 90 has been raised to $625 - Price of Red Label has been raised from $650 to $900 - TeamKill cash penalty is now $800 - Raised per-round cash awards back up by $50 - Changed USP ammo readout to (correctly) .45ACP instead of .40S&W - Improved directional footstep sound playing - UT2004 mod architecture now fully supported, can be started with only UT2004.exe -mod=FragOps now -- there is no longer a need to specify the intro map or log file. - Reduced Super90 and Red Label effective range by 6% - Darkened blood pool textures - Rebalanced Assassin and Sprinter trait - Fixed missing \"-5% ranged damage\" in Sprinter trait description. !NOTE that this trait has _always_ had -5% damage, but the description didn\'t tell you. - Reduced overall sprint multiplier by 4% - Improved initial loading speed when opening buymenu Fixed: - Fixed a rest loop - Fixed an accessed none in blood splats - Fixed a possible interact hacking exploit - Fixed a TK ratio bug causing FF to always be at 1% even when set to 0 - Fixed rare accessed nones in taclights and lasers - Fixed a weapon duplication exploit - Fixed sniper scopes randomly unzooming when using certain traits - Fixed no-footstep bug once and for all! Maps: [/quote]

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