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Evolution Academy (beta)


Academy maps seem to be very popular. This is at least the second one I\'ve reviewed in just the past two days. We don\'t have any maps by Jenova*Rebirth* on our site, so I\'m assuming this is
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Jenova\'s first map. If that is the case, it\'s pretty damn impressive for a first-timer. The courtyard you spawn into is nice, but would be lovelier with some more interesting textures. The textures throughout the whole map are a bit too repetitive. However, the map focuses more on interactive game play rather than its appearance. There are some interesting models that I don\'t recall seeing used in any MP map before. There are several large rooms for dueling and frankly, they\'re quite boring. But then I found the training area. I can see how this might get out of hand on a server, but the author did try to keep it pretty much contained. You press a button and an NPC spawns inside a small box. Press another button to open a door and release the enemy. I found that some of the NPC\'s are like, super-NPC\'s and took quite a while for me to kill them. Upstairs in the training room is the area for guns. Press a button for ammo and weapons. I love that. Then you can spawn Stormies who will try their best to kill you, but it\'ll take you a while to take them out. They seem to be super-NPC\'s too. There\'s a prison area that is obviously catering to those who enjoy RPing. There\'s even an electric chair that supposedly really works. Seeing as how I review everything alone, I couldn\'t test this part, so I\'ll just take the mapper\'s word for it. What I loved was the outside area. There\'s like, this temple thing which appears to me to have been built into a mountain and has these freaky skulls on either side. There\'s also an area for dueling and a mushroom hut! WOO! On the other side is a tree house with an elevator. The temple across the way has the most disturbing thing I\'ve EVER encountered in a JK2 or JA map. That model thing with the lava pouring out of its mouth and down its torso ... yeah. Freaky. Then there\'s the room of teleports! There\'s a room of mini-games including a bounce room thingy, a slide that\'ll shoot you into a small pool of water and a maze upstairs. I didn\'t make it through the maze, so I have no idea what was at the end of it. Leave that area and you\'ll be back at the teleports. I was curious about the boxing ring. Cause like, I love the one on the TMBJ map. I would have to say that this one has much better ambience. The ring itself looks great (but the ropes don\'t bounce you from one place to the next :() and the best part is the lighting. Press a button and all the lights shut off except a few spotlights on the ring itself. I LOVE that. Great for dueling tourneys or melee. :D The vehicle area includes swoops and AT-STs and probably more stuff, but I just played there a little. It\'s in a Hoth setting. The dojo is lovely. I like the textures used and the different levels. The bar, unfortunately, is a bit boring. It\'s a bar, some tables and stools and a dance floor that\'s just a bit too bright for the drab setting in the bar. There\'s another boring room - the council room. And I didn\'t really look for secret areas. Overall, this is a fun map. Some parts were really impressive, others were boring. I found a lot of little errors here and there. Like holes in corners and some misaligned textures. But nothing you can\'t just overlook. I\'d love to see an update to this map that would include some of the areas revamped. Oh, and I didn\'t really test the Rancor spawning area. For two reasons - 1. I wasn\'t sure how to do it ... I tried noclipping, but I couldn\'t get positioned just right to be able to press the button and 2. Rancors are scary. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee Ps. There are vehicles included here, so like, yeah. Just lettin\' ya know. I agree they should be in seperate pk3\'s, but oh well.

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