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Age of Mythology

Gladiator (Reviewed)


After many months of work and compilation, AoMFiles, Black Hunter, and King Jared bring you a great pack: King Jared's Maximus unit starring in a Gladiator Campaign by Black Hunter. Furnished with
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music, speech, an EXCELLENT mod, hard work, and bonus levels, this campaign is sure to be great. It has been remodeled and re-made twice, I believe, and has fixed just about everything. But I must warn you, however cool this sounds, the filesize is 18.55 MB, so take care before downloading! Sorry to those of you with Dial-up! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reviewed By: Auron_2 ~ The campaign seems enjoyable. The awesome sounds, dialogs, and story were simply amaizing. the way story plays during the scenarios might had needed a better way to make the player understand the story. there seems to be soemthing wrong with the installer. The installer does not install the sounds, icons of King Jared unit. When king jareds new unit is in cinematic mode, it changes to the unit model from it was made. i suppose this might had been a problem with the auto installer. I personally felt that the campaign could have been shorter. There were some short scenarios, such as cinematics where the author could have easily put 2 scenarios in 1. the campaign in general is challenging. I, myself have to play a couple of time through some scenarios in order to win. however, most of these scenarios dont last longer than 15 minutes. After the first scenario, the campaign gets very repetitive. Go to colliseums and kill, over and over. during most of these scenarios, i found some errors, such as Setting "set Obscured units . during some parts of some cinematics, the outlines of some units really messed up the quality of the cinematic. also, during some cinematics, render sky was showed half way only. the only thing i could suggest is making differnt views that prevent this from happening. during a cinematic, never show the borders of the map. also, take out the fog of war during cinematics. in starting cinematics, or places, use the "camera start" object. the first scenario is really enternaining and original. It really gives you that feeling of you being in the middle of a battle. however, there were some certain things that should have been improved. the dialogs were too low, and most enemies just standed there waiting for player 1 to attack. the objective is to kill the leader of the enemy, but the problem is, who is the leader? there were about 100 enemy units and it took me a while to figure out who was the leader i had to kill. i wouls suggest adding some sort of hint on this part. also, stronger and active enemies that will attack the player by themselfs more often. the map design in general was sometimes very impressive. however, i felt that in some parts the map design could have been better, such as the colliseums, or the fields. like i said above, the campaign is really short. i would suggest adding more objectives or longer objectives in some scenarios. also, in some scenarios i felt that more activity for the computer was needed the scenario of the water reeds field. people are just standing there. the scenario might have some minor bugs, but its still fun to play:-). 8/10

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