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Unreal Tournament 2004

SAS UT2k4 Linux


SAS will focus on the three main SAS units around the world, the British SAS, Australian SASR, and New Zealand NZSAS. Player models will showcase uniforms worn by members of these countries special
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forces. TEAMS SAS features two teams, the SAS comprised of all SAS units worldwide and Opposing Forces which are made up of the various foes the SAS have faced over the years such as terrorist organizations, regular military forces and insurgent groups. PLAYER MODELS Player models will have certain attributes to them such as if they have body armor as part of their uniform they will have it in-game as well with no need to select it. Those that don\'t wear body armor as part of their normal uniform won\'t have access to it but will be able to move faster than their unarmored counterparts. GAMETYPES Beta 1 of SAS will be streamlined for faster release but will feature two gametypes: Team Deathmatch - SAS and OpFor go head to head in a Search and Destroy mission. The only objective is to eliminate the other team in a certain time period. You\'ll have only a single life per round and will have to enter into ghost cam if you die. Sabotage - in this gametype the SAS and OpFor teams with either be on the offensive or defensive depending on the map. One team will have a number of targets to destroy across the map while the other must defend these targets. If all targets are destroyed then the offensive team wins. If the defensive team can prevent all their targets from being destroyed then they are the victors. The SAS will emply C4 explosives while the OpFor Semtex. SETUP Upon entering a game you\'ll first select your team, SAS or OpFor and then what type of player model for the team you choose. After that you\'ll spawn on the map and be in a Weapon Zone where you\'ll have to select your weapons and equipment. Players can select one primary and one secondary weapon plus three pieces of equipment. Primary weapons include submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns and sniper rifles while secondary weapons are pistols. Equipment choices are combat knives, frag, flashbang and smoke grenades, binoculars and nightvision.

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