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Unreal Tournament 2004



Checkmate is an online team deathmatch game which incorporates elements of Chess. In Checkmate, two teams are pitted against each other for the sole purpose of eliminating the opposition's King. Each
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team will have one King, and any number of Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Rooks, and Queens. Non-King player classes are bought using credits that are accumulated by fragging other players who are of equal or lower class to your own. A round is won by killing the opposing team's King. At this point a new round will begin, with the highest scoring player on each team becoming the new King. Once the round limit or time limit is reached, the team with the most rounds won will win the match, and a new map will be played. How To Play Goal: To eliminate the opposing team's King before they can eliminate your team's King. Gameplay: The first player to join a team will be made King; all other players who join the team will be Pawns. The Pawn is the weakest of the player classes, but you can purchase improved player classes by accumulating credits using the scoring formula below. A round is won by fragging the opposing team's King. At that point, there will be a short intermission, then the highest scoring player from each team will become the new King at the start of the next round. Play continues until the round limit or time limit is reached, at which point one team is declared the winner. To keep things fair, the King's health scales up as more players join the game, and scales down as players leave the game. There is also an adjusting factor if the teams are unbalanced, in favour of the shorthanded team's King. Credits: Credits are awarded for killing opposing team members according to the following formula (rounding down): creditsAwarded = (enemyClassValue รท yourClassValue) The value of each class is the same as its value in chess: Pawn.......1 point Knight.....3 points Bishop.....3 points Rook.......5 points Queen......9 points King.......10 points For example, if a Pawn kills a Knight 3 credits will be awarded to the Pawn. However if a Rook kills a Bishop, no points will be awarded to the Rook. The King does not gain credits, but his kills award credits to the rest of his team (the value of the player fragged is distributed evenly amongst his teammates). ...::||||Classes||||::... Pawn Description The weakest of the player classes, but he gains the most credits for killing other players. Special Ability Sacrifice - Detonate yourself to take out nearby opponents Weapon Pulse Rifle - a weak gun with regenerating ammunition Statistics Health - 50 Shields - 0 Speed - medium Cost Free - A Pawn is worth 1 credit, but he can always be purchased for free Knight Description Close to medium range fighter with a natural triple-jump ability Special Ability Cloak - conceal yourself from other players for a short period Weapons Grenade Launcher - primary fire launches grenades that explode on impact, secondary fire launches bounce grenades Pulse Rifle - secondary weapon Statistics Health - 125 Shields - 25 Speed - medium Cost 3 Credits Bishop Description The Bishop is the team's sniper Special Ability Speed - provides a temporary boost of speed Weapons Sniper Rifle - Use secondary fire for zoom, primary fire to shoot Pulse Rifle - secondary weapon Statistics Health - 100 Shields - 10 Speed - medium Cost 3 Credits Rook Description Strong yet Slow, the Rook is the King's defender Special Ability Castle - teleport to your King Weapons Minigun - rapid fire weapon Siege Cannons - fires two high-velocity rockets; must be in siege mode to use. While in siege mode, the Rook cannot move, only shoot. Pulse Rifle - secondary weapon Statistics Health - 200 Shields - 75 Speed - slow Cost 5 Credits Queen Description Powerful and mobile, the only downside to the Queen is that she can only accumulate credits by killing other Queens, or the King. Special Ability Grappling Hook - pull yourself to other areas Weapons Rocket Launcher - Secondary fire activates a laser guiding dot, which can be used to aim rockets in flight. Use primary fire to launch rockets. Pulse Rifle - secondary weapon Statistics Health - 175 Shields - 50 Speed - medium Cost 9 Credits King Description Fast and with lots of health, the King is the leader of his team Special Ability Castle - Teleports the healthiest Rook on your team (denoted by the yellow radar indicator) to your current location Warcry EMP - The Electro-Magnetic Pulse disables enemy shields, de-cloaks Knights using their special ability, dissipates the Queen's grappling hook, and disables enemy special abilities for a short time. It will also disable the King's special ability during that time, so use it wisely. To use this warcry, press the key bound to Slot 1. Weapon Gauntlet - The primary fire acts as a powerful melee weapon. The secondary fire has 2 modes: in the air it performs a ground smash attack, and on the ground it causes the King to charge forward before performing the ground smash. Statistics Health - 1000, scales with number of players on each team Shields - 0 Speed - fast Cost The King cannot be purchased. The first player to join a team will become King, and all other players on the team will become Pawns. Once a King has been killed, the round ends and the highest scoring player on each team will become the new King.

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