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Some of the most successful mappers, in my opinion, often make maps specifically for themselves. They think about what they would have fun playing in. Which is why there are so many great maps that
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don\'t have bot support or weapons. Because the creators of those maps probably play online, without bots, and prefer saber only play. The author of this map did just that - made a map he\'d like to play on and for his server and friends. I have to say, I actually like this map. There were a few little bugs here and there. Okay, there\'s actually quite a bit of z-fighting and there were some textures missing (though that could\'ve been because of some conflicting custom maps ... gah ... seems to only happen in JA and not JK2). The main area includes a large area for FFAing outside near a big pond/lake thing. Around the corner you\'ll find a bright green area for more dueling or FFAing. I\'ll admit that the lighting here bugs me. It\'s just too bright and colored lighting really should be used sparingly. There\'s a room with a button that if pressed, will deploy a few NPC\'s for you to saber. I certainly didn\'t expect to find a JKR area. There are three pads where you can spawn a STAP (which comes in the zip file in a seperate pk3) and take a spin around the track. I liked the layout of the track. It was a lot of fun to go around, even alone. The dueling area near the bar has that bright green lighting thing going on and it seemed to be missing something. I think it would\'ve been great to have the spectators in control ... give them a few buttons so they could spawn a Rancor or a Wampa or other NPC\'s on a whim for whoever\'s in the pit. Like I said, there were a few errors here and there and I found some gaps in walls and floors and such, but those aren\'t too distracting. Since the author used music for the bar, he probably should\'ve left regular music out completely. The two tracks really conflict. Otherwise though, this was a fun map for me to play on alone and it\'d probably be even better with others. :) Not a bad job here. Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee

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