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Unreal Tournament 2004



My review of ONS-Grit: [quote]This map feels like it\'s in Egypt, what with all the deserts and pyramids around (Did that skybox come with the game?) but also kinda feels like Stargate, if you\'ve
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ever seen the movie. I\'m saying this because most maps with this texture set feel very \'Unrealish\' - You know, like they were made by some people trying to recreate egypt? Even if you dont understand what I just said, you\'re still looking at a fabulous map. The background blends with the skybox very well at ground level, I almost thought the pyramids were part of the level at first. Once you get into the air though, the ground of the skybox doesnt match with the actual level very well. But the map is very cool. The little pyramids and burned vehicles scattered around the level look like they\'ve been blasted into pieces (You know, all those egyptian legends, creepy stuff.) The level is however,very spare in terms of detail, but I feel that this adds to the atmosphere, as in a real desert there wouldn\'t just be trees anywhere. The little oasis in the center of the map is a nice touch though - perfect for screnshots My favourite part though has to be this large pyramid sitting at the back of the map, and the fact that it isn\'t actually part of the node setup makes it seem more foreboding. It\'s like in a game where theres this cave where you dont have to go into, but if you do theres like level 100 enemies and stuff like that. Once again, the atmopshere here really rules. You can hear all these screams and clattering noises when you go down into the depths of the pyramid, and every now and again you get little messages saying \'You should not be here\' and things like that. The best bit (I wont spoil it for you) is down the passages here though. Aside from the dangerous jumps with massive spikes below, theres also a few \'traps\' you should look out for. It\'s a slight pity that in a competetive match on this map you wont have time to go iinto the pyramid. So yeah, the whole map is awesome, even the indoor bases and things like that look very nice. Maybe the vehicles dont fit for Egypt, but if you look at it as if it\'s stargate then I\'m sure you people can cope. Oh, and I didn\'t like the music at all, so I removed it. But its there if you do like it.[/quote] And here are the author\'s notes for the SE. This is the Daytime Second Edition of the original ONS-Grit. Changes include fog (3x better framerate), increased ammo at weapon lockers, different music, and various bug fixes. Look for ONS-Grit-Nights if you feel stealthy :) A sandstorm has covered the desert, obscuring its many secrets... The bases of two warring factions reside in the South-Eastern and South-Western regions of the vast desert. The Oasis in the center of the Wastes has miraculous healing properties. Special runes in the Western and Eastern regions call on the power of the Gods themselves to provide protection against foes. The far Northern temple holds great rewards for those who are worthy. TrickTrap Temple Traps and spike pits guard the greatest weapons on the map. (Pedestrian-only area) Underground people mover Get from the bottom of the map to the top of the map faster than any other vehicle (Peds-only area) Player Controlled Node-Shields Buttons at Node 1 and 9. As long as the player stands on the trigger, the shield will be up - however, the player is completely vulnerable while standing on the trigger.Healing Oasis: Anything within the water\'s range is healed 10 points per second (Anything==Friendlies, Enemies, Small Vehicles) 7 Link Setups in addition to the Default setup (about 14 nodes total on the map for extra customization)

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