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Darkforces Streets - V2


Original review by WadeV1589: [quote] So this is Szico's first MP map for Jedi Academy; I must say it's a very nice "first". This is the semi-exception to the rule about firsts as it isn't his
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first map, just first attempt at making an MP map First thing I noticed when I spawned was the music, it has a 70's private detective feel to it which I find rather catchy. You know it's there but it doesn't get annoying and can be left on. The layout of the map is very street like, how it should be of course It's set at night in a city that can only be described of a future earth...where retro is the fashion...or at least my vocabulary is currently limited to those words and any other description eludes me. As you run around you get a very interesting feeling, I'm not sure what it is but this map felt different, probably due to the unique style of it. You will of course spot various mapping bugs on the way, stuff like the lighting on the clock tower is rather odd and a bevel has some texture stretching; FPS will also go down a bit in the clock tower area due to the trees in there - isn't it a shame that even in the modern Q3 games transparency is still a big FPS issue? Also the swoops are the single player swoops - the untextured ones. The readme says it's multiple game type and it should indeed work well in most - except CTF of course. The layout is pleasing, there are plenty of open spaces and also plenty of places to hide and dive from. [/quote] So here we have Version 2 of Szico's Dark Forces map for JKA. Szico demonstrates his excellent understanding of lighting techniques and aesthetics, and succeeds at really bringing this map to life. The custom textures are great and a lot of fun! Most texture problems from Version 1 have been addressed here, and the map really comes together in feel and graphical flow. Perhaps where this map falters somewhat is at a raw gameplay level. There isn’t much height variation in the main fighting areas. Most areas are relatively flat compared to each other. This is of course due to the ‘street’ nature of this city based map but it certainly would be nice to see some variation there. On the other end of the coin, Darkforces Streets does feature some great weapon placement and some ‘omg this looks so cool let’s duel here’ areas. As a solid first effort for a multi-player map, this is a must-download. P.S. (note to mappers): Stop using those purple crystals in your maps! I mean really… what’s the point? Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes ShroomDuck

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