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Rome Arena


As always the first thing I did was read the readme (yes, I actually do read them!) and it was ... erm different, to quote my favorite line \"RavenSoft for a top banana game :D\". If you want a
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laugh, read the readme, it\'s funny because it\'s so light hearted. Now onto the map, an interesting FFA map with many of my favorite things: JAWA\'s! Mix the JAWA\'s with the fact you\'re playing to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy music and you\'ve got a pretty light map. The map overall is done quite well using meshes for the most part, most places are curved and the pillars look well done, the texture could do with being higher quality however. The main arena is large with plenty of JAWA\'s (I have to type it in capitals, I love \'em to bits! Everyone say it with me JAWA!) that you can slaughter as well as 1 or 2 of those evil NPC\'s that have force and a saber who will try and chop you up. An interesting thing is the use of the button to raise the pillars in the arena (discussed in readme). I think one of the best looking places has to be the meeting room however; it is small but it look good, the lighting is good and I like the use of the pillars outside, that style would be good for a map of it\'s own. The \'doggie\' room is a simpler shaped room with 2 levels, 1 surrounding outer path and the lower fighting area, again it\'s a good large space that will work well for fighting in. Oh the entrance to the meeting room is near this place too and isn\'t that hard to find which is why I\'m actually saying this here. ;) The lighting is quite poor however, outside the skybox has a very red sun low down and then the lighting is close to mid-day - the sun is directly above head (or at least the light is). It\'s a shame as well as the actual arena does look quite good for someone who\'s only just found out how to bend meshes. Throughout the rest of the map the lights in some area\'s are too sparse which leads to totally black areas that can be hard to find your way through also many places have light even though there is nothing to emit light - that\'s one of those mapping no-no\'s for the future - you can only have light where it\'s emitted from something. New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes -WadeV1589-

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