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Communications Breakdown


Communication Breakdown (ZH) (a SP mission for C&CG Zero
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Hour) _____________________________________________________________________________________ Breifing _____________________________________________________________________________________ Small cells of GLA have taken control of key buildings in Bejing. The building under control of GLA force thus far are: 1. SBC TV Station 2. A key government building 3. Shin Fai nightclub 4. Tsing Shi Tao train station 5. Bejing townhall 6. Ta Hun Hwai mega mall The majority of civilians have been evacuated from Beijing. A temporary outpost has been set up in the South of Beijing. Local law enforcements and units from the Chinese Liberation Agency are providing security for the remaining civilians in the city. Objective 1: Recapture all buildings captured by the GLA by garrisoning them with your infantry Objective 2: Protect all recaptured buildings from attack Objective 3: Capture the GLA Command Center to the NE * You must keep civilian casualties to a minimum * Difficulty is set to Hard _____________________________________________________________________________________ Features _____________________________________________________________________________________ - Multiple chances at using various tactics to win - Mulitple routes to AI - Ambient sounds set mood - Moving light traffic - Nighttime setting - Industrial areas _____________________________________________________________________________________ Hints _____________________________________________________________________________________ Hint #1: Recapturing Buildings To recapture buildings effectively use a Dragon Tank to clear the building and then stop attacking. Fill the building with appropriate infantry. Then fill the surrounding buildings with infantry to support the defence of the building. Hint #2: Defending When defending use your surroundings to your be advantage. Hint #3: Money supplies Look around the map for alterior methods of gaining cash for spending on your units. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements _____________________________________________________________________________________ This is a high detail map! This map contains a lot of units, buildings and other objects that are in a concentrated area. For this reason you should run this map on a modern PC. You can change your settings in the main menu by clicking "Options". _____________________________________________________________________________________ Public Testing _____________________________________________________________________________________ To make sure that the maps that I make are quite a high standard I have now launched a public testing policy. After I release a map you can report bugs or landscape issues to If enough bugs or errors have been reported I will fix them and rerelease the map. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Installation _____________________________________________________________________________________ To install read the instructions in the Zero Hour manual on page 41. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Maps _____________________________________________________________________________________ (In release order) Pack of Ten [Map Pack #1] The Sands of Time (ZH) @ Mount Olympus (ZH) @ Octoberfest (ZH) @ Cliffhanger [General Challenge] (ZH) @ Fight for All (ZH) @ Preemptive Strike (ZH) @ Minesweeper (ZH) @ Head 2 Head (ZH) @ Rush (ZH) SP MISSION @ Wastegrounds(ZH) @ Pack of Ten [Map Pack #2] Mercury Falling (ZH) @ Black Squadron (ZH) SP MISSION @ Headstrong Attack (ZH) @ Desert City (ZH) @ Bring it On! @ Frozen @ Close Encounter (ZH) @ Useful Technology (ZH) SP MISSION @ DK Online Up Close and Personal (ZH) @ American Beauty (ZH) @ I created maps for for a while under the nickname of "Headcracker" My old Yuri's Revenge maps are available here: _____________________________________________________________________________________ My Website _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you like my maps please take the time to visit my website: _____________________________________________________________________________________ This C&C Generals Zero Hour SP map was created by Dean K on the 30th of January 2004. This map is copyright Dean Krause 2004.

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