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Unreal Tournament 2004

Fragops Zip Patch


Here is a review from [quote] Check out part one of our UT2004 Guide! Counter-Strike may be coming out with a spiffier-looking version, thanks to the
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Half-Life 2 Source engine, but the gameplay is going to remain almost exactly the same. So, what are we gamers supposed to do if we get tired of the same maps, and the same gameplay? I mean, sure, I\'ll be playing Counter-Strike: Source for days upon days when it comes out; but it\'s just not going to offer a new experience to me, just a prettier face. It\'s the kind of feeling you\'ll get when your girlfriend/wife comes home for the first time after years of plastic surgery; same chick, new look. Since I\'ve always been a fan of the Counter-Strike style of gameplay, I\'m always on the lookout for a game that can have a similar style, but make some drastic improvements to the gameplay. Well, as it so happens, I was browsing my good friend The Internet one day, and came across a list of popular UT2k4 mods. One, in particular, caught my attention; and it was called Frag.Ops. Though, much to my misfortune, the game was only a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003. And, although I liked UT2k3, I have UT2k4, so I wasn\'t about to install both. However, I went back to the Frag.Ops site one day, and noticed that they were planning to release a new version for Unreal Tournament 2004! This news made me so happy, that I had to change the pair of pants I was wearing at the time. Frag.Ops takes place late in the year 2005. Here\'s the game\'s basic story, straight from the site: [quote] The war against global terrorism has ended. Late in 2005, NATO passed a resolution allowing military operations to take place in the private sector, due to a failing economy and severe lack of soldiers to secure the now-devastated eastern hemisphere. Hundreds of private Mercenary corporations immediately sprouted, offering to pay their employees steep sums to fulfill their contractors\' needs. Tens of thousands of jobless fighters answered the call for work. And then it all went to hell. The corporations became immensely powerful -- and rich, thus becoming more unscrupulous towards the contracts they accepted. The jobs often bordered on terrorism. NATO was powerless to stop them, with many major operatives now holding key positions in the council. In a last ditch effort, they called upon all 1st-world countries to train elite Special Ops units to help combat this powerful threat -- their leaders offering to pay the same price for men as the Mercenary corporations. The year is now 2006. The world is at war. There is no good, no evil -- nobody seems to be able to tell what either is anymore. The only thing that matters is the next paycheck... and where it comes from determines your alliance. Choose wisely! [/quote] As or right now, Frag.Ops offers some really cool and original features over similar games (namely Counter-Strike), here are some of the features the mod has to offer now in the current version. * An AP (Action-Point) system that allows your character to run faster for a set amount of time. * Character traits that can greatly enhance your character\'s performance in certain areas, though degrading it in others. * A set of stock weapons, most featuring numerous possible upgrades. * Medals awarded to players that show exceptional in-game talent. Frag.Ops is currently at version 1.38, and if you don\'t have it installed right now, do yourself a favor and grab it now. Future versions of the game will feature an additional, Battlefield 1942-esque game-type (vehicles included!), more techniques that you can use AP for, and more! [/quote]

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