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Call of Duty

CoD Realism/Intensity Enhancements


Ok, this is an unknown mod to me. Anyway, here\'s the features of it: -TRACERS REMOVED FOR ALL GUNS EXCEPT MG42 AND FG42 to improve realism, the tracers for all weapons aside from the mg42 and
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fg42 have been removed. this was acheived by disabling the original tracers and adding a \"fake\" tracer effect to the muzzleflash of the aforementioned weapons -NEW TRACERS FOR MG42 AND FG42 a new, more realistic, tracer effect, one akin to that of the AA guns. -ALL NEW BULLET HITS ALL bullet hit particle effects have been revamped for realism. smoke and dust will now remain present for longer and appear to flow with the wind. snow and water hits produce a much more impressive effect now. -ALL NEW MUZZLEFLASHES ALL muzzleflashes have been revamped for realism. they are no longer as bright and, like in real life, the flash may not always be visible after every shot. bolt action rifles now only emit an actual muzzleflash occasionally, while fully automatic weapons flash more often. a small to large amount of smoke has been added based on the caliber of the gun. -BULLET SHELLS SMALLER -BULLET HOLES SMALLER most of the bullet hole sizes have been lowered to improve realism. -BULLET HOLES STAY LONGER bullet holes will now remain visible almost 50 times longer than before. -BULLET SHELLS STAY LONGER bullet shells will now remain visible for 30 to 40 seconds. -NEW GRENADE EXPLOSIONS grenades have had their explosion type switched to \"rocket\" rather than grenade. produces a more satisfying and realistic effect. -ALL NEW SOUNDS FROM SAVING PRIVATE RYAN although originally the sound pack had the most *realistic* sounds available, it has now been switched out for the more satisfying sounds of saving private ryan. all of these sounds have been edited to improve realism (ie sonic booms have been added where necessary). this sound pack may be temporary as i will probably replace it with a truly realistic one in the future. -SOUND VOLUME INCREASED DRAMATICALLY guns and explosions are now much louder, and will drown out all lesser sounds (like they should) -NEW BLOOD PUFF (DUST INSTEAD OF BLOOD) a very SPRish dust puff effect now replaces the old blood puff. the dust will shoot out and hang in the air for a few moments before dissipating. -NEW DAMAGE TABLE head, torso, arm, and leg shots will usually kill in one shot. hands and feet will usually not kill in one shot. i would like to alter the wounded animations so that the ai stays \"hurt\" longer, but do not know enough about that. -\"MASHER\" GRENADES COOK same old same old, only now only the russian and german grenades will cook. -GRENADE THROW DISTANCE LOWERED grenades can now only be thrown have as far/ -WEAPONS TWEAKED DRAMATICALLY (RATES OF FIRE, FIRE TIME, AMMO LOADOUTS) loadouts on all weapons reduced to close-to-realistic numbers. all weapons\' rates of fire set to real life rates m1 garand reloads slower, has a slightly reduced rate of fire. -IRON SIGHTS NO LONGER ZOOM to improve realism, the iron sights no longer cause a zooming effect. this allows more freedom while moving with sights up as well as being much less disorienting. -NO CROSSHAIR to promote the use of iron sights, as well as to improve realism, crosshairs have been removed. -NO HUD AT ALL the HUD has been completely removed. i suggest you have played through the game a few times if you\'re going to use this (no compass) thanks to soonudie. -FROM HIP ACCURACY GREATLY REDUCED weapons are now much less accurate from the hip, also to promote use of the iron sights when accuracy is needed. -SHELLSHOCK EFFECTS BASED ON DAMAGE TAKEN when you take a small amount of damage you now suffer minor shellshock (visuals, no audio changes) while taking a large amount of damage causes full-on mortar shellshock (only shorter) surprisingly this was already in IW\'s code but they never implemented it. -AI WILL USE GRENADES MORE OFTEN thanks to wycop. -STARTING WEAPONS REDUCED TO ONE PRIMARY FOR EACH MAP now you will start with only one primary on any singleplayer map. i chose the most common weapons to start with (ie garand for americans). -RUNNING SPEED DECREASED -BOB AMOUNT WHILE RUNNING INCREASED you now bob up and down much more than before, giving the appearance of an actual run. thanks to soonudie -TANK/AA GUN EXPLOSIONS MADE MORE REALISTIC the horribly stupid giant flame explosions have been done away with for a much smaller more realistic explosion. -PANZERFAUST PROJECTILE MADE MUCH FASTER + HAS SMOKE REMOVED FOR REALISM panzerfausts no longer have a smoke trail, and fly much faster. Pretty neat, huh? Well, I would certainly download this if I were you... So go ahead!

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