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CTF EFPinball


EFPinball puts you in a PadKitchen style setting where the playing field is transformed into two huge pinball machines floating out in space. The flags are of course inside the machines, so how do
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you get to them? Well you gotta get in there \'n\' bump around a bit! But it\'s not free, you have to pay to play. Only by touching the shiny quarter that\'s lying at the very edge of the table can you get inside (oh, and if you miss the quarter, you will fall down to meet your doom in the vastness of space). Once inside, you\'re propelled along the table to the very top where must find your way down (while trying to avoid getting bumped this way and that) till you reach the flag. Each table also has a little transporter that takes you to the other side, as well as a few other goodies like health and weapon pickups. The hard part of the pinball machine comes with the fact that almost every surface is a slipper slope. This mixed with being thrown around by the bumpers is what brings the challenge to the map. When you\'re playing with decent sized teams (like 5v5 or so) things can get a little mixed up as everyone is trying to stand their ground to get a good shot at you. Besides the table, there are also a couple floating platforms up in the air. The two near the middle control the cage doors to the quad and detpack pickups for each base. The two above each table will actually break the glass on top of that table! There\'s also a great use of sound effects to get that authentic pinball feeling. Some of the bumpers even light up when you hit them! It\'s a bit hard to put all of this map in words, it\'s got a couple more fun features that really need to be checked out. Between struggling to walk in a straight line, avoiding the bumpers and equally muddled enemies, this map really is fun! [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] No

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