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Return of the Empty Crown


"This is the second version of Chapter 1. In EF2, you defeat the Empty Crown and kill Suldok. Problem over? NO. Suldok has survived! A few months later.... Things are happening... The federation
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is losing contact with many worlds. Reports of sudden attacks around the Romulan border. Then, the USS HAWK gets a distress call from Attrexia Prime. Romulans have invaded the planet and are killing its people. When the HAWK arrives, it is attacked and boarded. Playing as Lt. Commander Richard Mainwhering, a relation of Alex Munro, you must fight off the Romulans and help the Attrexians fight the Romulan invaders. Play over 4 brand new levels in a new EF2 MOD!" This MOD has no cinematics or fancy script, it is a first person storyline." [b]Review:[/b] Luke decided to release a second version of his mod that does fix a few things that were bringing it down earlier. The maps have gotten bits of upgrades here and there, and they definitely play a lot smoother than the first version. They also do look a little more finished (the sky still gives HOM effects, but whatever). Tempest's models are included (somewhat) in the file, so you won't need to go searching around for them to download. The levels will also automatically switch from one to the other, so you won't need to keep reloading each one manually. The storyline is pretty much unchanged, so there's nothing new in terms of that. I still don't understand the reason for not putting the files in a nice, easy to use pk3 :confused: Anyway, overall it is a definite improvement over the first version :) [u]THE RETURN OF THE EMPTY CROWN CHAPTER 1 GUIDE[/u] [b]Characters:[/b] Lt. Commander Richard Mainwearing A relation to Alex Munro, this is who you play as. Lt. Commander Telsia “TM2” Murphy A clone of the original Telsia who was created when the Hawk traveled to an Attrexian colony. Lt. Jono Pici A teammate of Denobulan origin. Captain Lewis 16 year old Captain of the HAWK. A cross between Captain Picard & Commander Riker. [b]Gameplay: [/b] When you have installed the MOD (See readme.), open the console in EF2 and type: [b]map chapter1hawklevel1[/b] At the end of Level1c, EF2 will close. [b]STORYLINE:[/b] The USS Hawk has picked up a distress call from the planet Attrexia Prime. When the ship arrives, it is attacked and Romulan troops begin to capture the ship. You must defeat them and then shuttle down to the planet. [b]Level descriptions[/b] [b]Level 1 – USS HAWK Shuttlebay[/b] [u]Objectives:[/u] 1- Get to the Hazard Team prep center and collect you weapons. 2- Clear the ship of Romulans. [b]Level 1a – Attrexian Streets[/b] Now that you are on the planet, you must help the Attrexians: [u]Objectives:[/u] 1- Clear the Attrexian City Streets of Romulans. 2- Get to the Command center. 3- Eliminate Snipers from roofs. 4- Protect the Attrexians. If you complete the level, then you have completed all objectives except No.2 which is inside a building. [b]Level 1b – Attrexian Command Building[/b] You are inside the main building of the Attrexian empire. Be careful, there are high risk fires and gas leaks that will kill you instantly. The Waiting room is a dead end, so find another way round. [u]Objectives:[/u] 1- Get to the Command center. 2- Eliminate all Romulans from the building. 3- Protect the Attrexians. When you complete this level, you have completed all of these objectives except NO.1. [b]Level 1c – Attrexian Outskirts[/b] You arrive in the Command center, automatically completing that objective. When you get outside, Telsia and your other team member will stay and look after some wounded Attrexians. Be careful for cloaking enemies. The Romulans have got a new technology that you will find out about! [u]Objectives: [/u] 1- Clear the field Hospital of Romulans. 2- Go to the Attrexian Underground train and clear the tracks of Romulans. 3- Get back to your shuttle! This is very hard. After the underground train is clear, you will come out onto a giant field of Romulans, Attrexians & Starfleet Officers. Your shuttle is behind a wall and the only door to the shuttle is locked. Find a console and unlock it. But be quick! The door will only be open a few seconds! The mission will end and you must wait for Chapter 2 to see the aftermath. [b]Secrets & Other Information[/b] In each level, there are secret areas and starships. Look for them! [b]TIP:[/b] Always let your teammates take damage. You will stay alive that way! Don’t shoot Attrexians, they will always help you! Video Review by

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