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Fort Westdale [BETA] Map For Battlefield Vietnam === Info === Control Points: 6 (2 USA, 2 NVA, 2 Neutral) File Version: 0.2 [BETA] Total Build Time: 4Days 9Hours 15Minutes Approx. Load
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Time : Depends On Machine Specifications Reccomended Video Settings: 800 X 600, All Settings \"Medium\", Ticket Ratio 1000% Screenshots Included: Yes Uninstall Wizard Included: No Compatability: This map has been successfully tested with Battlefield Vietnam V1.0 =========== Updates/Fixes =========== What\'s New in version 0.2: Added ammo & medical boxes on the \"Rescue Points\" Added hanger for the MIG17 (bomber) Increased size of mock Vietnam village in the plane & helicopter practice range A few Misc. props added Removed 1 US Jeep & 1 NVA APC from barracks area and 1 NVA APC from firing range area A few old (unnoticed) props removed Swaped control of the airfield & heli base around (US Now controls the airfield & NVA now controls the Heli base) to make it quicker to get to the planes if you have spawned as a US sniper (see TIP below) Fixes: Slightly decreased overall loading time Level description now shows on \"Ready\" screen Fixed spawn point that appeared in plane & helicopter practice range ========= Installation ========= Simply run the EXE and extract files to your \"\\Battlefield Vietnam\\mods\\bfVietnam\\Archives\\BfVietnam\\Levels\" folder. DON\'T FORGET TO BACK UP ANY OLD FILES *FIRST* (I cannot be responsible for any damage to hardware/software as a result of using this map/mod) This purpose of this map is to allow you to become more familiar with the vehicles in the game. The map is devided into sections (see screenshot). The current BETA version comprises of a Firing & Artilliry range, An airfield, Helicopter base, A Plane & Helicopter practice range & the Command post & barracks. The final version of the map will also include a vehicle assault course & A mock city-scape to practice street-to-street fighting. Because this map is designed as a training map NONE of the control points can be captured by the opposition. The US Team have spawn points at the Airfield & the Command Post & Barracks, While the Vietnam team has spawn points at the Firing & Artilliry Range & the Heli-base. The two neutral spawn points on the map (which are located in the Plane & Helicopter Practice Range) are designed to be \"Rescue Points\" should you crash land your plane or helicopter in the Plane & Helicopter Practice Range you can seek shelter at these points. TIP: If you are going to the practicing in the Plane & Helicopter Practice Range, it is advisable you spawn as a US Sniper before you start practicing, so that if you should crash land inside the practice range you can use the Smoke Grenades to alert fellow players to your position so they can hopefully air lift you out of there! ====== Contact ====== Red Spider\'s Forum: Comments/Bug reports to: ====== Credits ====== Author: Red Spider Concept: Red Spider Creation: Red Spider Special Thanks To: N/a © 2004 Red Spider ========= Misc/Legal ========= NOTE: THIS MAP/MOD IS NOT SUPPORTED BY ELECTRONIC ARTS TECHNICAL SUPPORT CREATED FOR FREE DISTRIBUTION AMONG BATTLEFIELD VIETNAM PLAYERS EXCLUSIVLY VIA BFVFILES.COM NO PART OF THIS MAP/MOD IS TO BE EDITED, CHANGED OR MODIFIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT MY PRIOR CONSENT. THIS MAP IS NOT TO BE HOSTED ON ANY SITE OTHER THAN BFVFILES.COM WITHOUT MY PRIOR CONSENT. FOR MORE INFO CONTACT: ********************************************************************************************************** * BATTLEFIELD VIETNAM IS A REGISTERED TRADE MARK OF ELECTRONIC ARTS INC. AND/OR DIGITAL ILLUSIONS CE AB * **********************************************************************************************************

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