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Call of Duty



Here we have a great S&D map which is fun for a fragfest due to the fast paced action run and gun style set up. Heres what the author has to say: [quote]Allies Search and Destroy
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Briefing: ----------------------------------- Listen up greenhorns! Your unit has been chosen for the honour of leading the attack on this town. The intelligence gathered by the French Resistance indicates that the Axis forces in this sector are basing their operations from the town hall. There is a room in this hall that the Axis have converted to serve as a command centre, filled with communications equipment for the purpose of coordinating their forces in the area. Additionally, a warehouse in town has been converted into a makeshift tank hangar that the Axis are using for the maintenance of their armoured forces. Luckily, after an airstrike earlier today on the town, most of the Axis tanks have been either taken out of commission or are still undergoing repairs. Thus, your primary objectives are to either destroy this command centre (objective A) or destroy the remaining operational Axis tank in town (objective B). The destruction of either one of these objectives will significantly help the Allies (that\'s us, Private!) in gaining a foothold in this sector of France. Please note that the Axis have fortified themselves during their occupation and are not likely to give up the town without heavy resistance. Good luck, Godspeed and all that... We are depending on you. So now... Get out of my ASS, and into the TOWN! Ten-hut! Axis Search and Destroy Briefing: --------------------------------- Sieg Heil! Thanks to the capture and subsequent torture of certain French Resistance operatives that we have found snooping about town, we have learned of an imminent Allied attack, the purpose of which is to recapture this town and possibly use it as a base of operations for cutting off our supply lines in this sector. As you know, our defenses have been breached at Normandy and the Allies have been steadily advancing through the countryside ever since, so the time of the attack will most likely occur within hours. Unfortunately, due to a surprise air strike earlier this morning, our armour forces have been decimated down to a single operational tank, so you will have virtually no armour support. Because of this town\'s obvious strategic importance for our forces here in this sector, it is vital that we hold it at all costs. The destruction of our command centre (objective A), or the destruction of our single operational tank in town (objective B) will mean our forces will have a much more difficult time preventing the Allied scum from advancing any further. Good luck with the defense, for the eyes of Germany are upon you. For the Fatherland! [/quote]

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