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If anyone here watches Alias, then you may be familiar with SD6... if you haven\'t watched Alias (like me) then this map is of a building shown on the TV show Alias (-- always trying to help with the
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descriptive descriptions ;)). On to the map itself: you have three main levels here. The first level is an office area, many open and closed areas here. A lot of glass walls can be broken to open up the map even more. Several rooms have pickups as well. At the corner of this level is a really white room where a computer lets you now that you are authorized to use the elevator that pops up in front of you. Taking the elevator down to the next level drops you off at a rather creepy looking place. Some of the \'rooms\' here have various torture devices... and the occasional rotting body... you know, the usual thing at many offices. Once again, a lot of the rooms here have pickups. Going back to the elevator, the next level below is of a parking lot. You\'ve got some big pickups here mingled with the cars (100 shield, quad..etc). Besides all this, there are a few secret areas in the map that contain a pickup or two... once you\'ve found one of them, you\'ll be able to find the other easily. Speaking of secrets, something I almost overlooked was the venting system. The vents connect quite a few of the levels together and offer a quick way to get around. The thing that hit me the first was my low FPS. The cause of this would be that there is no vis in this map! Everything on this map is being drawn all the time... not a good thing. Other than that, nothing else to stop you from enjoying this map. The new textures are done rather well; even though I\'m not sure on the canon aspect of this map I still think it looks pretty good; and lastly, the big spread of pickups throughout the map will keep you moving around a lot to find them. Other than the vis issue, I\'d say this map should be good to support a fair amount of players in an FFA or THM match. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] Yes

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