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Ultimate Patch


There's a LOT of features to this amazing 'patch' for EF2 Multiplayer. It's a MUST have if you play EF2 MP.. not only does it add many EF1 features to EF2, but it also extends upon some of EF2's own
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MP to make it way better. Some EF1 features are like the detpack (lovely, huge explosion now }> ), the ability to talk to your attack/target (sort of like a private messaging feature), the holodeck intro, awards, intermissions and much more. Some of the things it fixes are that bots stay from one match to another (previously you'd have to keep re-adding them), better disintegration/sniper aiming, working map loading screens (so you can atleast see what map you're about to play! The system of map loading screens has also changed to avoid a lot of horrible confusion with the normal EF2), no more flypaper walls, more server customizations, etc etc etc.. you really want to check out the readme for what all this patch does. Hope to see this being used out there on EF2 servers/players, it's a huge [b]must[/b] to download. Here's what's new in v1.1:[list][*]Added client command - drawgun [*]Added client command - drawtimer [*]Added client command - dropitems [*]Added client command - tell_attacker [*]Added client command - tell_target [*]Added cvar - mp_drawAttacker [*]Added cvar - mp_showTargetSkins [*]Added cvar - sv_entityFadeDist [*]Added health specific pain sounds [*]Added holodeck intro - mp_holoIntro [*]Added specialty class banning - mp_banClasses [*]All items apart from flags now drop with angle and velocity [*]Constant light added for metaphasic shielding and quantum weapon enhancer [*]Constant light colour changed to silver for armor [*]Constant light turns off for the item in question when it is picked up [*]Fixed impressive award [*]Fixed instant hit weapons aiming [*]Fixed laggy crouching [*]Fixed map loading menu displaying - SEE LOADING MENU INFO BELOW [*]Fixed podium positioning when the info_player_intermission has a target [*]Fixed the voting hud so that it appears on votes [*]Jumppads have been modified to act more like jumppads (set their speed to 0) [*]Revamped respawn invincibility time [*]Small Hyposprays are now worth 10 health and can be picked up while your health is above 100 [*]Spectators can fly through bodies and have smoother movement [*]Updated menus - added the easier two bot skill levels (cadet and ensign) [*]Updated menus - the callvote menu now shows a levelshot, mapname and options for selecting modifiers, gametypes and other things [*]Updated menus - the specialties menu now displays the correct text tips [*]Updated menus - you can now click on the maplist titles to arange the lists in alphabetical order [*]Zoom hud background removed to make it clearer[/list] A list of all the added commands are given in the readme with an explanation on what they are and how to use them.

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