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Sebulba\'s Pod Racer


As I mentioned long ago, I would be having some people do guest reviews of certain files. It is my pleasure to welcome Lindsey, the author of a couple of SW films that you can find here at
Show All Thanks for doing this review, Lindsey! :) ~Amy (AmosMagee) --------------------- No doubt many of you have seen Duncan\'s excellent work as a modeler in Jedi Academy, such as his Droideka, his ATAT, Swoop bike from ROTJ, and several skins. It came as a shock when Duncan without warning decided to stop modeling for the game. No one is sure yet why he decided to quit. This pod racer was being designed for one of Sith J Cull\'s maps-Boonta Eve Classic, in which this pod racer, and a few others were to be made for the map, however, only this model was completed to my knowledge. I\'d like to thank Duncan for letting me release this model, and for all his hard work on JA/JO. He has brought enjoyment to many people. Now, onto the review- Duncan has done excellent skinning of the model; from the engines to the power coupling (the purple laser) that connects the two jet engines together. The model is based off the swoop from JA, so only the cockpit of the model is clipped; the engines are not, which makes them go thru hills or walls when the player is driving. The model also is a bit stiff to control, and it should be faster, this is a model based off a vehicle that exceeds 600 M.P.H after all. The vehicle is also huge, as you can see from my line up pic below, the pod racer towers above the swoop, ATST, and gives the shuttle there a run for its money on size. Sound effects have been added that give idle, running, and turn off sounds to the racer. Please note however, that it will also change the sound effects on the swoops, though personally I like the new sounds vs the ones JA had. I highly recommend that Star Wars fans download this. Perhaps some brave reskinner will up the speed, add clipping to the engines, and maybe put out a few other models. Lindsey P.S-I\'d like to thank Amos Magee for letting me write this guest review, perhaps in the near future you\'ll be reading more reviews by me ;)

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