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Battlefield Vietnam

BattleField Destrucktion v.5 (BFD .5)


ok people BFD is back and in its 5th stage. here are are all updates. Updates in v0.5 A BFD v.5 compatible MAP PACK with basic bots has been released to without this map
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pack you cannot use the custom motorcycle vehicle. You cannot see the nametags of your friendlies when they are controlling a vehicle unless you look strait down. US Mortar Engineer bots now use the M19 pistol as their main weapon. US Mortar Engineers can build sandbag emplacements. They can pick them up again by pressing \'G\'. The M14 has been removed from sandbag engineer kits. NVA/Vietcong Bunker/Shovel Engineer can build a bunker that has a built-in MG position. The engineer can take the bunker later by pressing \'G\' M46 now fires Mini-Nukes. A miniature version of the Corsair nuke. US has engineers dirtbike available in custom BFD maps. (BFD MAP PACK SEPERATE) Dirtbike has machineguns (primary) and smoke bombs (secondary). You can now airlift the dirtbike and SAM trucks. Chinook has a dropping rear gate. Passenger in position 5 can use the up and down keys to open the rear gate. Chinook exit locations are more realistic. Pilots exit inside of the chopper and must jump out the back hatch. Any crew will be trapped inside the chinook unless the rear hatch is opened. (also helps to discourage solo pilots since its harder to survive a fall) US blowtorch in engineer kits are now replaced with a portable Emplaced MG Weapon. Sorry, I personally found the blowtorch weapon a bit useless. Each MG engineer can place 2 Emplaced MG\'s and they can also pick them up later by pressing \'G\'. ( so you can loan one to a friend/bot to use :) Flare gun now causes direct damage, and can be lethal. (preview of Flare damage is flaredeath.gif -> just drop into a browser.) Flare gun now has a much brighter and larger flare effect. Aircraft Pilot seats now eject you above the plane. Added Co-Pilot to the Phantom and Corsair. Phantom Co-Pilot fires Napalm, Pilot now carpet fires Agent-O bombs. Corsair Pilot can drop a single but devestating Nuke. Co-Pilot can drop standard bombs and also has autocannons. (preview of big Nuke is nukeanim.gif -> just drop into a browser.) Fixed vehicle network files in new weapons for future online play. Fixed ANNOYING looping issue with napalm bombs. Kit weapon names have been fixed. They displayed the wrong weapon name before. Handweapons firing AA rounds have a more drastic deviance when firing. Makes it harder to hit targets from a distance. Added serverInfo icon.

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