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Gladiator Arena


[b]Updates:[/b] [b]* Gameplay:[/b][list][*]features Unlagged 2.01 by Neil Toronto Visit for
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more information about this technology [*]Forcefields cannot been shot out when running in alternate killing mode [*] The unvulnerable shield is not pickupable in Instagib mode [*] The well known Rifle jump is now available in Instagib[/list][b]* Features:[/b][list][*] Cvar "unlagged" to switch unlagged on/off [*] Solomatch is reactivated now: [*] Matches are always off in Solomatch [*] Only quick warmups to save your time ;) [*] Server info rule "currentround" showing the current round and the maximum of rounds per match (like "5/8"). When matches are off it shows "-/-". [*] Logging of round- and matchwinners (in games.log): "ROUNDWINNER " "MATCHWINNER " [*] Cvar to select specific bots to use when bot_minplayers is used: g_mod_botlist " ..." for example: set g_mod_botlist "tuvok alexandria biessman"[/list][b]* Bug Fixes:[/b][list][*] When a single random weapon is given to all the weapon is not dropped if the player was fragged [*] In Instagib the detpack takes damage from opponents again, as it is supposed to since ancient times [*] When someone switches to spectators his matchscore is deleted [/list][b]* Cosmetics:[/b][list][*] At the scoreboard a buzzing sound appears when the ready flag is set [*] Message "Instagib Gladiator" when someone connects on an Instagib enabled server [*] The match scoreboard is introduced by a big explosion sound and gfx effect[/list]*phew* big update :D For those who don't know, Gladiator Arena adapts the EF gameplay to reflect that of Gladiator-style. The mod gives each player one weapon to start with. The player must kill their opponents and harvest their weapons to use. Once a person is killed, they do not spawn till the next round. They're bodies do not disappear either, so you can always remind yourself of the joy of the frag when you see a pile of dead bodies collecting up }> The mod also adds a couple things to EF, such as forcefields that kill upon contact, tripwire grenades (Spec style) as well as a nifty feature that adjusts the amount of weapon damage depending on the number of people playing! If there are more people playing then the weapons have less effect, and vice versa. This is a great take-off on the Gladiator Arena in EF style :) Be sure to visit the website for help and forums: The readme holds LOTS of information on the mod, so that should be your first stop in getting questions answered :)

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