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CG Sovereign


[Quote] This mod will replace the stock Sovereign in BC, or whichever ship you use in place of the stock ship. If you don't want to use this ship as the stock Sovereign class ship, don't install
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this BCMod. I will release a version that installs as a separate ship later on if demand is high enough (and it probably will be). After nearly two years in development, it's finally here. I checked the first save I made when I began building the first version of this model, and it dates somewhere from mid-winter of 2001. My previous release, the so called "Nemesis Sovereign" was good for a while, but once Nemesis came out on video, it was easy to spot the problems. So, I started from scratch. This version is a complete rebuild and revamp of that model. Not only did I nearly double the facecount, but I also doubled the texture resolution. I started over from scratch on the textures, going back to the original source, using only pictures of the studio model and screenshots from the movies. The result is kind of a cross between the First Contact, and Nemesis versions of the Sovereign Class ship (Insurrection's CGI model was off the wall when compared to Nemesis and First Contact, so I tried to ignore most of the details shown in that movie). Now, the warnings.. First off, this thing is meant to look pretty first, and be playable second. The model has 13,000 polygons, the highest detail model I've ever made. It uses five 1024*1024 maps, and one double size 2048*1024 map for the main hull, plus the odd small texture like the phasers, and deflector, as well as a 16 frame animation for the bussard collectors. That's not counting the specular maps, either. Suffice to say, this thing will eat up your framerate in a large battle. I'm going to recommend at least a minimum of a 1ghz processor, and 256mb of ram to run this thing. A good video card helps as well. I can run it decently, and I have a 1.5ghz computer with 384mb of ram, and a Geforce2 MX. I usually have to leave enhanced glows turned off to get a good framerate though. For those with incredibly high end systems, I'm going to release another set of textures later, that are all 2048*2048. My system runs at about 10 seconds per frame with them, but that doesn't mean they won't work for someone. This ship also includes new weapons and sounds to match ST:Nemesis. I have tried something a little backward with the hardpoints to achieve the effect of having the quantum torpedoes separate from the regular photons. I did what is popular, and gave the ship four forward facing pulse weapons. But instead of having them fire pulse weapons, I put in the name of a torpedo script. So you basically have a pulse weapon that fires seeking torpedoes. I limited the charge of each of the four pulse weapons to 25, and set the charge to zero, giving the ship 100 quantum torpedos. Feel free to change this number to your liking. In another backwards move, I had an idea. Someone somewhere commented that the torpedoes in Nemesis looked more like pulse weapons than torpedoes. So I did the reverse of the quantums. For the regular photon torps, I specified a new pulse weapon script I made to match the look of the torps in Nemesis. These torpedoes still seek, and look much closer to Nemesis than the standard photon torpedoes. I may change this in an update if no one likes it, but personally I like the streak effect these torpedoes give. These weapons all use brand new sounds. The quantum sound is recorded from First Contact since there was no background sound to interfere in that movie. The other sounds, for the photon torpedoes, and for the phasers, were made by Wes Janson, whom I owe a great debt of gratitude to. I can only imagine the hours he spent cutting and filtering the sounds from Nemesis to get decent sounds for use in the game. Nemesis probably has the loudest background music of any of the movies, and it played non-stop throughout most of the battle scenes. How he managed to filter out all that background noise, I'll never know. Hats off to you, Wes. :) Included in this Mod: 1. CG Sovereign Model, textures, hardpoint script, and ship script. Textures are all in TGA format, as well as a blank registry texture, so feel free to edit them to your liking. Just ask me first if you want to release them. I can be reached at the BC Universe forums at I decided it better not to include my email this time... last time I did, my MSN account got flooded with spam and I ended up deleting the account. 2. Two new weapons scripts for photon torpedos and quantum torpedoes, as well as a torpedo texture 3. Four new sounds used for the photon torps, quantum torps, and sovereign phaser sounds (big thanks to Wes) 4. New Sovereign display icon rendered in Max 5. All plugin scripts to enable weapon sounds [/quote]

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