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Unreal Tournament 2004

ONS-Ligeia v1.2


We have v1.2 of Ligeia here and now that 90% of the bugs from the previous version which I found before have been eliminated, I can say that this is now one of my favourite Onslaught maps :) So
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although the map is pretty much the same as before, the bug fixes really do make a difference, as I no longer have to worry about invisible walls or my mant getting stuck in the scenery. Sure theres a place where the terrain looks a bit odd inside the underground bit exits, and outside each base, but it's not technically a bug. :) So what else is there? Well like i said before, I love the smooth hange in scenery as you go higher up the mountain from bare rock to a snowy peak, and the lghting change really helps too. The skybox has also had an overhaul, and while not extensively different, the stars do make it a bit more interesting. The next thing is the powernode setup. While amazingly long and cool, it can be a bit boring on the default one, because there's only one route to each base, so I'd recommend using a custom setup or the other one provided. What else? The lower grassy terrain is large and sprawling, and klooks very good in the darkness of this map, with little lamposts shining light here and there. Very atmosphericl, especially with the Timesplitters 2 music I added to it, called Industrial Tile. Theres also another song which comes with it but the author said I could change it, and in my opinion selecting this one gives the map much more atmosphere and feeling, if you get what i mean :) Finally I'll just make a few points about the vehiles and weapons. The 2 superweapons do exist in this map, and you can find them if you look hard enough. I couldn't find a raptor which was a bit annoying, because it can make getting to the top a bit too long, especially in a tenk e.t.c. Theres a Leviathan at the top and a Pheonix Bomber. Unfortunately you cant get in it :( So thats about it fot the v1.2, I think this might be the final, but I hope it's not because I would love to see what alterations the author can make :) ~Szico VII~

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