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Instacube is based on the Freeze mod for EF, except for the fact that this mod is geared only for CTF (that is, it wont work in any other mode/mod for EF). That's not a bad thing though seeing as
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how popular CTF is! I was a bit confused as to how the mod actually worked so what better thing to do but jump into a server and test it out! Having played some great matches with Shafe, and other EVIL and DG clan members, trust me when I say it plays SO much better than I will be attempting to describe below. In Instacube, you start off with two weapons: Compression Rifle and Photon. The Rifle works exactly as in Disintegration, and the Photon works as normal. When you 'kill' an enemy with either weapon you 'freeze' them (they'll stop moving and glow golden). That person must either wait for a teammate to come and thaw them (by standing next to them for about 1 second) or wait for the auto-thaw to take effect (this is a timer based on the number of players in the game, for example, 20 people playing means 20x2=40 seconds to autothaw). This autothaw scalabilty is great for keeping the gameplay from getting too overcrowded and being frozen every few seconds ;) You can also rocket jump with either weapon without taking any self damage! Which really turns out to be fun as you can literally fly around maps without being constrained to the normal paths you would take in normal CTF. The mod is also completely serverside, meaning players do not have to download this to play it: just join a server and play your heart out! Server hosts who wish to run this mod will need to download this file, though. What else do you need to know?? Oh yeah, it's FUN! Almost addictingly fun! My playtest originally planned to be about 10 minutes turned into half an hour. It's a great action packed, fast paced mod that definitely relies much more on your teammates to help you out. [b]Current server playing Instacube:[/b] [EVIL] InstaCube CTF (v1.0) - [b][/b] I was very pleased with the way the mod works, my only suggestion is to maybe add a global "auto-thaw" so that players auto-thaw at the same time and thus can re-spawn together (much like the spawning in U2 XMP or in UT2004 Assault, for those who've played it). Though it's not a big deal, the current system works fine :)

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