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CTF Miami Night


Miami Night is the 'night' counterpart to CTF Miami. Flag rooms are located in two adjoining apartment buildings. The only way in the flag room is by a skylight from the buildings roof. The roof
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can be reached either by a transporter from the museum across the street, or by taking the long walk around the map and jumping onto the roof. Getting out of the flag room is done through a teleporter behind the flag. Outside, the street lights are shining down on a road with crazy taxi drivers driving across. Though the good thing is that you wont get killed by these yellow cabs, they'll just push you along to one of the dark tunnels at either end of the map. Luckily the two tunnels are connected via a transporter so it's a great way to get across the map quickly. There are also a number of things to shoot (some that reveal hidden passageways) so explore the map as much as you can. The map can get a bit confusing in terms of finding your way from one flag to the other as everything looks the same in both bases (except a little portion of the tunnels that are different). So you may find yourself right back at the enemy base right after stealing their flag :p A few colours indicators of the bases would be nice (not necessarily by using big, bright red and blue textures, perhaps something more that fits the theme). Also, the spawn points seem to be random (at one point, I spawned right above the red flag while on the blue team). There were a couple brush seams going awry, some unseen faces not caulked and the complete absence of VIS (i.e. the entire map is being drawn all the time... not a great thing for FPS). Anyway, the map certainly looks and feels a part of the Miami theme, and this Night version looks very nice. If the flag paths and team spawn points dont get to you in CTF games, then you should enjoy the map :) [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] Yes

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