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This is a first map by the author, so I didnt expect it to be spectacular and therefore I am not going to moan about how certain aspects of it are really awful, because you all know the problems
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which come with first maps. Some people believe you should never release your first map, and others (including myself) believe if a first map is good enough then it helps a lot to get some helpful pointers on it, and I think the author will benefit a lot from this, such as the need for botroutes e.t.c As for my personal take on this map, it's not like I enjoy putting maps down and stuff, but it's an honest opinion. And put simply, this map needs improving. I spawned into the 'outside' area of the map, and this looks very square for terrain, and it kinda hangs out in midair. The thing which disappointed me the most was the lack of effort put into the river. It doesn't flow from anywhere to anywhere, its insides are perfectly straight, and the texture used isn't appropriate. Then I ventured inside the building, into a large square corridor which although not badly textured, lacked detail. There was a maze running off from one door, and the idea is its hard to get through, although one of the teleporters doesnt have a destination, although you could still find your way through, if you really wanted to :) Theres also a swimming pool on the other side of the hall. It's square and the room is plain, with a few sloped steps leading in and out of the pool. At least there's a nice view ;) There's also some kind of multi-themed duel floor above this, with a water pool, a lava pool, a little hill area and some rocks. Let me tell yuo that although these areas are the most detailed in the map, they're very small and really need more size to boost their impact and effectiveness. The top floor was probably my favourite. Although the caves were a little square and unnatural, there is a lot more atmosphere here created by the lights which cast shadows and beams on the ceilings. Theres also a little clan spectating area in front of this main duel room. Oh, and it's a pity the lifts' just teleport you, instead of actually being lifts :( The main downing point about this map is the lack of detail needed to make the rooms seem full. I spent quite a while trying to find the most interesting screenshots to post with this file, and it wasn't easy. Almost every room is a square, but with time and practise, I'm sure the beginners ideas can develop into nicer, more curved surroundings ;) New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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