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Skinning for Idiots


Now I ask you, where would skinners be if there was no one who told them how to skin, maybe even had given the first step in the right direction? Well, thankfully there are guys like RaSiN HeCk who
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see fit to bestow that knowledge to new skinners everywhere. Being an avid skinner myself, I take a certain amount of pride in reviewing files like this ;) The fact that there are alot of confusing skinning tutorials floating around out there makes a submission like this a most welcome one. Thorough from start to finish, explaining things from what you need to get to be a succesful skinner to the steps nessecary for completing skins. While there isn't a plethora of information as far as beginners guides, this is spot on. The steps that RaSiN HeCk goes through are easy to follow and worded well, the programs which are nessecary to follow this skinning tutorial, ie packscape and winzip are easy to get to though it might have been a good idea to include some links, and the tutorial makes good use out of explaning each step in logical progression. Having read through this tutorial myself and have had some years put into skinning models and what not, it's safe to say RaSiN HeCk has his eyes out for the new skinners. More advanced skinning guides might be comming down the pike, but if you're new to the game then this is the way to go. If you're an experienced skinner pass this one up, you'd do better to find out how to start adding taunts and new sounds to skins if you need something new to work on. One thing I might have had suggested to add since this guide is for newer skinners, would have been a FAQ section or troubleshooting area where common questions and concerns. Maybe just a simple area where usual messups or mistakes could be adressed, and how to fix them. All in all a worthwhile Download if you want to make your start succesfully in skinning. Much appreciated RaSiN! Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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