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JK2 Server Help File


Chris Sharpe is the author of a few high quality \"how to\" instruction texts he\'s submitted for the public. Usually, as far as Jedi Outcast game play goes, well actually all the time I\'m
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playing from a client standpoint. Haven\'t really dabbled in server setup or anything like that, well I did and it failed miserably lol. But, having read the information presented by Chris Sharpe, it really makes me wish I would have had these so much sooner to help with server related issues and what not! :p I can appreciate this work to, each portion or text file is filled with everything you\'ll need to know that has anything to do with Server setup and maintaining your server, from more simple things like entering cheats successfully to a complete command list. There\'s not much Chris doesn\'t touch on in some way or another here. Here\'s a list of what you\'ll find included within this pack. 1) Read me 2) Instructions on how to set up your own server 3) Entering Cheats in Your Server 4) Command List 5) Loading maps in your server 6) How to get a Double Light Saber 7) Contact Me/Credits Some of the things found here really can be seen as common knowledge to the moderately experienced Jedi Outcast gamer, but then again there are things like the Command List and How to Setup Server texts which are just really handy to have around. I really can\'t complain about this file submission. It\'s got everything anyone will need to set up a server the right way In Jedi Outcast. One thing I should mention, the commands listed here appear to be for the unmodded version of Jedi Outcast, and so if you have different commands and so on due to mod enhancements make sure you take note of that. If you\'ve got some experience under your belt as far as Sever side issues go, then you might find the lists provided here a handy tool to glance over from time to time when looking for things. It\'s always a great thing to have a ready to read reference around! Thanks for the submission Chris, I\'m willing to bet there are quite a few people who are going to find this very handy. Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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