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Leper Messiah


[quote]This is a skin of a character that I created to go with my screen name. Leper Messiah is a very powerful jedi (hence the graphic on his back) that is a descendant of Luke Skywalker. Messiah
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was alive about 1,000 years after the events portrayed in "Return of the Jedi". His real name is long since forgotten, but he was called Leper Messiah because everyone at one time he was the head of all the jedi's (who numbered in the millions by this time), but there was a great resurgence in the Sith and there was a great war that followed. When the sith attacked the jedi acadamey on Yavin, Messiah lead all of the avaliable jedi into battle after he had recieved a vision that had shown the outcome of this battle with the destruction of most of the sith and very few jedi casualties. However, this vision was not what it seemed, it was influenced by a very powerful sith lord called Darth Malevolence who was Messiah's equal in every aspect. This battle ended with many of the jedi on Yavin being killed and the only reason that the battle ended without all of the jedi on yavin being killed was because the newly reinstated Rouge Squadron arrived and destroyed the sith transport, Rouge Squadron also brought a starship carrying reinforcements for the jedi. Messiah was shamed by this and many of the none jedi's scorned him for losing this battle and they gave him this nickname. The jedi order still respected him, but he let the public eye and became a drifter. Eventually, while visting the site of the battle of Endor (something he did every year to honor his long ago descendant) he ran into Darth Malevolence (who is actually his twin brother) and before Messiah had a chance to react, Malevolence drew his saber and it had a strange looking hilt, it had a skull on it and Messiah realized that the rumors he had heard where true, there actually was a lightsaber out there that had Darth Mauls skull attached to it! This saber hilt embued any sith who wielded it with twice the power that they posessed. Messiah realized that this was going to be an extremely difficult fight, but bravely drew his lightsaber and activated it. No one really knows what happened in this battle, other than it was a great battle, because afterwards no one ever saw either Messiah or Malevolence again. It is speculated that they struck eachother down and both became one with the force.[/quote]:cool: skin :D

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