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Hassan Skinpack


The first thing I do when I look at any file for JK2 or JKA I always look at the readme, just in case there’s any little difference between installing the mod to how you normally would, or if there’s
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any interesting piece of information. Now when I opened the readme for this skin pack I certainly was surprised to say the least, as it’s not in English :S so I’m not sure if this is in fact a JK2 modification or not. The main thing that I like about this skin pack is that Hassan has placed all five of the player skins and the two light saber skin’s are in separate pk3’s so you can pick and choose what skin’s and saber you want to use. When I first saw the models in game I noticed that the author seems to have used the metallic shader on nearly all of the skins and all of the skins do use a shader. The skins seem to me to be based around the use of shader’s and so other than on the sithkatarn skin the main focus seems to be purely on the use of the shader’s with very little detail, however as with everything there is an exception to the rule. The sithkatarn skin is a nice example of texturing it also show’s how skin’s can be altered to create a different appearance for the model’s, yet still keep the same, feel I suppose is the best way of describing it, and I must say that this is something I have never seen this pulled of so well with the Kyle model. As I said above the author has also included two different saber hilts, hassansaber, and saberhassan. I personally feel that the saberhassan hilt has been designed to go with the sithkatarn skin as it use’s the same kind of honeycomb texture on the hilt. The second hilt hassansaber in my opinion is just beautiful and is probably my favourite skin in the whole pack. The skin is simple in design, (something I love when it comes to skins) the design consists of a gold looking metal casing and a deep red hand grip. ~Wolf Bot Support: No New Sounds: Yes (some have a new set of sounds others only have new taunts) Team Colours: Yes and No (all skin’s have team support but not all skin’s have team variations)

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