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There really aren\'t many female skins and/or models out there for us female gamers. I mean, there are a few really great ones, but the ratio to the male skins and models is just ... well, yeah. So
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it\'s always nice to see a few good quality female skins added to this site. :) The two that OberstJedi have for us here are based on the female Zabrak model by a slew of authors (all mentioned in the readme). Genumali\'s default skin may be black, but she follows the light side. Her bright green skin contrasts quite nicely with the black. I\'m not sure what the marks on her skin are, but let\'s go with some alien form of freckles. :) Team support for this Jedi is not your standard red and blue. The markings on her face remain the same for both team skins, but the red team skin is actually a bright violet and the blue is a very bright blue - almost too bright. She wears a half-skirt/cape-like thingy as well. Pirogoeth naturally has a darker look to her. The default skin is an earthy brownish-orange color with some black here and there. Her eyes are narrowed and red and the face tattoo she wears is much more bold and has sharper edges than that of her Jedi counterpart. The team skins change simply to that of red and blue, but the blue version actually changes some of her clothes green. Her boots go all the way up to her thigh and there is no half-skirt/cape-like thingy to hide her legs. Both girls here have bot support and as expected, Genumali uses Jan\'s sounds and taunt and Pirogoeth uses Tavion\'s. I would really love to hear new sounds and taunts for both of these Zabraks. In my opinion, that is the other thing lacking in this small skin pack. I\'m actually quite surprised at how different each skin is from each other, including the team skins. My favorite is the blue Pirogoeth. :D Great work here, OberstJedi and I look forward to the update with new sounds and taunts! Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No ~AmosMagee

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