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Tavion Trooper & Alexis Clone


Astyanax\'s review of the first version of this skin pack: [quote]As we all know, JK2 is far short of female skin characters. LucasArts didn\'t give us many models on which to build, and the
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modelers who have given us females are few and far between. So thank goodness for Plasma. He brings us some great new Tavion-based skins. Tavion Trooper: This is easily the best female Shadowtrooper conversion I have seen. Tavion\'s tattoos are gone, and the skinning detail is easily as good as the native Shadowtrooper. Alexis Clone: Intended to be thought of as Tavion\'s clone sister, this skin has a similar look, but shows just a bit more skin. Both skins use the default Tavion sounds. Both are really great work, and will probably be snapped up pretty quickly by our female JK2 players![/quote] Yes, thank goodness for Plasma! He seems to have devoted his JK2 skinning career to female skins. This is simply an updated skin pack which includes the Tavion Trooper and Alexis Clone. The Tavion Trooper wears a skin tight black suit with plates of armor. Her hair is a bit lighter and (thankfully) the feather is missing from her tight bun. The Alexis Clone skin is identical to the Tavion Trooper, except she\'s getting more of a breeze. Patches of skin peek through her armor. The face of Tavion Trooper and Alexis Clone are quite a bit softer than that of the Tavion we all know. Both skins include bot support and each have team support. The blue and red skins are exactly as you would expect. Unfortunately, only Tavion\'s sounds are included. Maybe Plasma will do custom sounds for them later, who knows? The only thing I have to point out here is the \"make-up\" on all of the skins. For the default skins, both gals have a platinum glow on their eyes, cheeks and lips. For the team skins, their make-up coordinates perfectly as well. Being female myself, I know make-up well. :) You never, ever match make-up to what you\'re wearing! I would offer recommendations for different colors of eye shadow, blush and lipstick here, but, yeah, you guys are so not interested. But if anyone ever needs advice on that, you have my email address. ;) Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No ~AmosMagee

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