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Ok, you know that file I reviewed a while ago well guess what there is a new one! Yes it's eekyv3, now with more things! Last time I had reviewed Eeky I told him to work on the never mind that here
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is the review [quote]If you like strange then this is the skin for you. Eeky brings us his new re-skin of a reborn. Now this skin was hilarious when I saw it, usually I don't care for reborn re-skins, but this I mean wow. He’s like a walking advertisement. I know most of you guys’ hate reborn, but this skin will make you crack up at some points. It has the beginning of Nacho Man from The Simpsons. Then on his stomach it has a small logo saying 'If you can read this you are too close.’ on the back it has a picture of a crossed skull and above that it says 'No Entry'. The skin is supposed to have team colors, but when I tried to get team colors the red one was invisible and there was no blue one, so I think he just forgot to include them. The skin has interesting facial detail. He seems like he is half sith and half Jedi, because he is wearing a lot of black, but he has a crossed skull, which I am guessing is like no sith. The hood is blue with a white pattern around it. I am really glad that this skin has bot support. In the end this is a good reborn amazingly. It makes me laugh when I use the taunt and when I get hit. It can get annoying sometimes because every time you get hit your guy makes a strange sound. The textures are very clean. One thing I liked about this skin is that it’s not just plain it has designs, patterns, and strange pictures on it. Now most people wont download this skin because it’s a Reborn skin, but come on guys give it a try see if you like it. Good job Eeky next time try making another skin that’s not on a reborn. -XgamerX New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: No (The red is invisible and the blue is missing)[/quote] Now that you know the story I will tell you what he changed. He made the model into a Jedi Trainer and its spooky. It reminds me of those gothic people eek. He has green hair and a very very scary grin. He has an orangish colored shirt and on the back it says something great "Kiss me in English" what a quote :). I really like the improvement he showed on this skin it looks much better and I am glad now lets see a version 4 with hover boots and a dog collar Haha. There is also another version of the skin a different color I should say. It looks awesome it is a ghoul looking character with a skull and sorry to say, but it is a reborn don't get too mad it rocks! On the back it says Hell N Back 2003! Then there is a very plain Shadow Trooper with a flashing light in the center of his body and the words JotR on his back. -XgamerX Bot Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes Team Colors: Yes

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