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Tixen Jan Ors *sigh* Oh how she has been good to us over there years…hehe. LOL alright down to business as usual ;). Aeris has skinned a simply adorable version of Jan for his friend Tixen to
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which the skin is named after. If you somehow helped Aeris with the creation of this file, or managed to lend him a hand somewhere along the way you get some serious props in the Read me which is something I love to see:). (Heart Warming):P This skin is done with some style, not anything over exaggerated, but just enough to make it a worthy download. Now while I’m usually a stickler for variety in skin submissions, the default skin is different enough to warrant the team colors being colorized duplicates, one of the few times I let this slide, simply because I think it looks really cool. There’s a very cool insignia on the back of each skin changing colors as it should with team color selections from red to blue, and the default is shaded in a light green. The red top has the name Tixen across the front chest area, and the choker changes color with team skins too, as do the goggles. These little areas of detail are really important when submitting a skin, and I’m glad Aeris took the time to take care of these little things. Bot Support = Yay. Not a bad bot either IMHO (That stands for “In my humble opinion” for those of you who don’t know :P) No new sounds sadly, I have to get onto skinners who don’t include new sounds or something different for sounds simply because it’s becoming common place, and I’ve been ragged on enough for not including new sounds on some of my files. (My turn to rag! LoL j/k) I really like this skin, I like it so much I’ll keep it in the old base folder, I'll message Aeris on MSN sometime and tell him I like it. It’s just a really snazzy skin, and for that I am proud to have reviewed it ;) That's just the kind of dangerous person I am :P Rock on Aeris, a quality skin worthy of download by anyone who is looking for a new Jan look, or just a quality skin! Team Colors : Yes New Sounds : No Bot Support : Yes Rock on -=Sai-Wan=-

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