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Sith Jinn


Okay, I know I should be nice. I know I should be caring and considerate, and in fact, I actually really want to be; I don\'t think I\'ve given a single, all-out-glowing review yet, and it’s
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starting to big me. The problem is, this is Warplink\'s third skin, and by now, you\'d think he\'d actually put a little effort into what he\'s doing. Sorry Warp, but here goes: When I open up a skin to be reviewed, the first thing I\'ll do is pull apart the .pk3 and see what\'s inside. I\'ll take a look at the textures used on the skin in their flat forms, before they\'ve been applied to their models, and from there, I am normally able to detect the amount of effort that went into the skin\'s production. Is the skin a recolor, or is it completely original? Was a base skin used or was everything done from scratch? Normally some sort of base is used, and that\'s just peachy, in my opinion. When, however, the only thing the author does is drag the .jpg\'s into MS Paint, turn on the spraypaint tool, and start washing back and forth, something\'s wrong. That\'s exactly what Warplink did with this skin, and to those that end up downloading it, I invite you to look inside the .pk3 and see for yourself. The robe is not textured; it\'s just a single, solid color. The head was first messily spray-painted black, and then red stripes were sprayed overtop. The eyes were left as is, except for red smidgens of color popped on. The belt\'s about half blacked-out. The torso was covered in gray paint. No details. No color variance other than red, gray, black, and white for the robe. No other tools used except the spraycan and a lot of waving the mouse pointer back and forth. Just about the only original texture left alive is the hair. Surprisingly, the finished product doesn\'t come off looking half as bad as you\'d think, but it\'s bad enough to warrant cringes. Sorry to be so tough, Warp, but if you\'re going to submit a skin, but a little effort into the job. Bottom line: a waste of your time. Download only for the laughs (which are frequent during wear). Bot Support: NO New Sounds: YES Team Colors: NO - Dan \"ViperEye\" Tennant

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