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Shadowtrooper 2.0 + Bonus


MistaMM has quite a haul here for you guys. Not only do you get a skin, but like, a bonus pack of mini-mods and other skins too! Um, yay! So, anyway, about the skin. From the looks of it, all he's
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done is added a shader. :/ Though the team skins look good. Onto the mini mods: (The screens are in the order in which I describe each thing.) 1. Detpack Nuclear Bomb - Yeah, yikes. This will change your little explosion that we're used to with det packs into that monstrosity you see in the screen. 2. Flechette Sylvester - Those pretty blue stars will float around you and remain for quite a while. The first burst is a bit blinding and is just a big cloud of blue, that turns into the trail you see in the screen. 3. Glas Trooper - This changes a Trooper into well, one made of glass, apparently. I think I've seen this before. :/ 4. Holo Desann - With this mini mod, Desann becomes like, invisible, but not quite. Or maybe just really blue? 5. Hybrid Sabers - The only word that comes to mind when I thought of describing these sabers is "fuzzy". They just like, have a bigger glow than the regular saber, y'know? 6. Luke-o-Lectric - This little pk3 will change your Luke into well, like, a mass of electricity kinda thing. 7. Really Fat Naught - The title pretty much sums it up. This is a really, really big Ugnaught. Enormous really. Read the readme to figure out how to encounter this character in SP. 8. Red Shield Saber - Looks to me almost like a red glass saber. Or something. Kinda cool. 9. Red Shock Repeater - When using the alternate fire on the repeater with this mod installed, you get a big block of red light and then the regular effect from the gun. :/ 10. Thermal Nuclear Bomb - Finally, the biggest effect yet. When using this mod, toss a thermal det out, then sit back and watch the display. No, really, have a seat. It takes a while for the blinding lights to subside. Overall opinion: There were some elements of this whole pack that I liked, but a lot I didn't. Some were boring and had been done before, and others just didn't seem to have much effort put into them. Unfortunately, the author seemed to think quantity would outweigh quality. :/ The effects from some of the gun mini mods just lasted too long and were too bright. I can't imagine playing for very long with those effects and using more than one thermal det, y'know? Very good job though, for someone who's submitting their stuff for the first time. I can't say I'm not impressed by just the variety of what you've done here. But my advice is that you pick one skin/mod and just focus on that for a while before moving onto something new. :) Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No (Reborn) ~AmosMagee

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